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October Photo A Day Challenge: Happy Halloween!

Day 31: Self-portrait… Happy Halloween from the “two” of us.



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October Photo A Day Challenge 21-30

Previous posts include days 1-6 and 7-20.

Day 21: Air… Hugo plays in the empty laundry basket and it looks like these are air holes.

Day 22: bokeh… nom, nom, nom (Faux bokeh created with the AfterFocus App on Android)

Day 23: dark… Jubelale on draft

Day 24: black and white… dried flowers on the mantel.

Day 25: bright… Hugo checks out my bright new Nike Free shoes.

Day 26: New… My shiny new desk fan… what a life saver… My new office is stuffy!

Day 27: old… french necklace given to me 18 years ago by Laurelia.

Day 28: hard… driving to work in the rain and in the dark #Iwannabeinbed

Day 29: hope… quite literally from black raven brewing in Redmond wa.  #notpolitical

Day 30: Goal… getting back into knitting

One more day to go!  I’ve really enjoyed challenging myself using Instagram. October has certainly flown by!

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October Photo A Day Challenge: Days 7-20

Day 7: From a distance… Lego Jeep

Day 8: Up Close… my desk “mates”

Day 9: Upside Down… water glasses at Capri Italian Restaurant

Day 10: Favorite… Sushi is my favorite, even in magnet form

Day 11: From Up High… a day late but appropriate photo from our flight from Atlanta to Nashville

Day 12: Hands… holding hands is my favorite

Day 13: Seat… A seat at Nashville’s famous Ryman Auditorium.

Day 14: Silhouette… love this machine and my little photo bomber

Day 15: Accomplishment: I am stealing your toilet papers!

Day Edible: Cherry tomatoes with kosher salt

Day 17: Shadow

Day 18: Corner… of the bar watching the Seahawks

Day 19: Noise… beautiful noise courtesy of Pandora (and Foster the People)

Day 20: Nature…

Our weekend trip to Nashville really threw off my photos and a number of these were taken out-of-order or late.  Only 11 more days to go!

I think day 7 is my favorite from this series. How about you? Which one is your favorite?


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October Photo A Day Challenge 1-6

At work they encourage us to put non-work goals on our personal development plans and I made a couple goals for myself regarding photography. One goal was to participate in a photo a day month and fellow Weddingbee Alumni Our Wired Lives gave me a great opportunity.

I am not going to blog every day, rather I’ll post the photos for the previous week on the weekend. I decided to use this challenge as a way to start using Instagram- so all my photos will be Instagram photos. So far I am actually finding it a little more challenging than using a traditional camera. The square aspect ratio means I have to re-think how I frame my photos.  I am Parkerhausroles on Instagram if you would like to follow.

::Day 1-Self-Portrait::


Stuck in bed

::Day 2-Fashion::

Fancy jammie pants for day 2 stuck in bed

::Day 3-Home::

Phone, Keys, Wallet

::Day 4-Love::

Love is your husband putting a lunch bag together with snacks and drinks (complete with cooler pack) by your bedside when you are stuck in bed

::Day 5- Sunset::

Sunset on the flight line

::Day 6: Animal(s)::

our Cheese getting snuggles

a cat and his puff

This week was an interesting week to start this challenge, as I was stuck home in bed for the first 4 days of the challenge. I am back upright and have joined society again- whew- so the photos “should” be getting a little more interesting.


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Backyard Wedding: Jamie and Dru

Previously posted on Weddingbee but the Bee didn’t run the imbedded flash object at the end of the post where you can flip though the actual album so I figured you guys might enjoy a look. Plus its keeping in the theme of practicing with my camera 🙂

A couple of months ago Matt and I attended the most refreshing wedding. Society seems so wrapped up in the idea that weddings take a long time to plan and cost a lot of money.  We had the privilege of attending a wedding that was planned in just a few weeks time, was inexpensive, and was full of love and joy.


It started when my husband’s coworker, Jamie, asked him if we were doing anything on August 20th. He replied that we weren’t and Jamie said, “Dru and I are getting married, we’d like you to come.”

A bit of back story, Dru and Jamie had been together for close to 10 years. He had asked her to marry him a few times and she had said no each time until this summer when she looked at him and said, “let’s get married”.

He got our mailing address and a few days later a nice homemade invitation arrived. The invitation featured some of Dru’s artwork and asked us to bring ourselves, a dish to share, and a flower from our garden.  Our flowers made up the beautiful bouquet she carried as her son walked her down the aisle.


The wedding was in their beautiful backyard overlooking Puget Sound. In the weeks between the day the decided to get married and the wedding Jamie worked hard on the backyard and house, getting it ready for the big day.


The food was wonderful, everyone brought something for the grill and a dish to pass.



Jamie and Dru reached out to friends with talents.  For instance the cake was made and decorated on site by a loved one and the entertainment was provided by work/motorcycle riding friends who happen to have a classic rock band.


The invitation indicated that they didn’t want gifts, but knowing that they likely hadn’t hired a photographer I brought my camera with me to the wedding hoping to get some good photos.  They had also asked another friend, Mark, to take photos.  Between the two of us we were able to capture their day quite well.  Mark sent me his unedited photos. I spent a lot of time editing both sets of photos and selecting the best of the bunch for an album for Jamie and Dru.  IMGP5547

I ordered a 8″ x 8″ 50 page book from AdoramaPix. I used them for our photo guest book and a book I gifted Mr P on our wedding day.  What can I say, I love the thick photo pages.IMGP5548

The pages are printed on archival quality Kodak Lustre photo paper. Adorama’s unique binding process means that a two page spread is printed on one piece of photo paper- eliminating the gutter or seam.  Pretty!IMGP5539

To say that Jamie and Dru were over the moon for this gift is an understatement.  They have enjoyed showing off their big day through Mark and my photos and let me know they will treasure the album in the years to come.  The real gift for me was to be there an experience a simple, joy filled wedding with people we care about.

Have you gifted your talents to a bride and groom before?

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Tea Party Picnic Portraits

I would be wise to never again schedule three out-of-town trips and one out-of-town guest within 5 weeks of each other. If you are counting, that is one “free” weekend in 5 weeks.  About half-way through and I am exhausted, absolutely exhausted. Thankfully this weekend is our “free” weekend before taking our last trip and then we are home until Christmas. YAY!  I’m trying to get back into my normal rhythm and that means getting back into blogging as this here blog has been woefully quiet in the past weeks. I’m taking a break from Rome posts for a bit, but I promise to finish them up before the end of the year. Time to go back to early September when it was still summer in Seattle.

I don’t fancy myself a photographer, at best I am a photo enthusiast. Matt bought me a DSLR for our wedding and I have spent the past year teaching myself to use it. I love to practice at any opportunity I get.  This past September I had such an opportunity.  A friend of mine really liked a photo I had taken of her daughter at a baby shower. I had an enlargement of the photo made and she was so pleased.  She mentioned that she didn’t have any photos of herself with her daughter so I volunteered to take some photos of them.  I decided to rent a 77mm lens because most of my lenses are wider angled (16-45mm; 30mm; 18-55mm, 50mm, 28mm).  I rented from and I was really pleased with both the service and with the lens.  I’ve been eying something in the 80mm range and the Pentax 77mm f/1.8 Limited smcP-FA was great to try out. We agreed to meet at a local park and I packed a picnic lunch.


My friend (on the left ) brought her step-sister  (on the right) to help out with little Miss C. She had lots of fun with her Auntie.


And running barefoot in the park.  It was September 10th and the flag at half mast caught her eye.


I picked up some fresh dahlias that morning.  Miss C loved the pink ones (not so much the red ones!)



She made sure her Mom and Auntie each had a flower.



I love how my friend and her step-sister have complimentary outfits and how your eye instantly goes to Miss C’s yellow dress.


I was able to take some nice photos of my friend’s step-sister. She is a junior in high school and I just found out that her mom had these printed like school pictures to give out instead of the ones she had taken at school. *color me flattered*


Miss C was a little whirlwind, running all around but I was able to catch a quiet moment with mom.

chelsea chelsea2

I wanted to be sure I had something that all three of them could do together so I picked up a tea pot and cups from Goodwill. I absolutely adore the pattern on the cups and they were the perfect size for little hands. Miss C held her own tea party in the park!




My friend was surprised how much fun little Miss C had with the tea set and was going to pick one up for her the next week.  I’m a fan of just getting some fun cups from Goodwill

I noticed some new ink on my friend’s shoulder.  “Born to Survive” – how fitting.  She is such a beautiful person, inside and out and has remained so throughout trying times. It was an absolute pleasure to practice my photography skills with her


It was very easy to “style” this shoot for under $20.

  • Picnic “blanket” (in reality it is a curtain panel) from goodwill $2.50
  • Pair of tea cups and saucers from goodwill $5.00
  • Teapot from goodwill $3.50
  • Gold Charger from goodwill $1.50
  • Vintage canning jar (my collection)
  • Dahlia bouquet $5.00
  • Bananas and oranges from my fruit bowl
  • Mason Jar glasses from our housewarming
After this published my SIL sent me a great link and a reminder that antique teacups and teapots might contain lead glazing.  Be sure to test before drinking out of them or giving them to small children to play with.


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Things I am Excited About This Weekend

I’m excited about all kinds of things these days!
1) I started a new job this week. I big puffy heart love it  and the best part is that I get to work from home 3-4 days a week.  We’re working out the logistics of desks (I’ve temporarily booted Matt out of the office entirely but that isn’t a good longterm solution) and will be doing a bit of an office revamp soon. YAY!


2) My friend fell in love with this photo that I took of her daughter.  I offered to get a nice print of it for her to hang and on a whim I suggested doing a mini-photo  shoot with the two of them this weekend.  It’s a chance for me to practice with my camera more and hopefully get some great photos for her. Seriously can’t wait!  Any last-minute photo tips would be much appreciated!


3) We’re making Pho* stock this weekend!  A couple of weeks ago I proclaimed to the Facebook world that Matt and I were making Pho. My love of Pho is well know and I even gave it up for lent last year (hardest thing ever!).  I was so excited and  it ended up being a big fat Pho fail.  The stock recipe that we used was a “cheat” or “faux pho” and it was disappointing, but it looked pretty. Shame on me for taking shortcuts. We’re making Pho stock the right way this weekend (i.e. the 3 hr way) and we’ll have some Pho for dinner next week. WOOT!
What is making you excited these days?
*Pho (pronounced fa) is aVietnamese rice noodle soup.  It has a complex (and yummy) clear beef broth and is usually served with thin slices of meat although I prefer fried tofu and vegetables in my Pho.


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