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Silhouette Project Roundup

As I fire up my Silhouette Machine to make a card for a wedding next weekend, I can’t help but share some of the fun projects I’ve been crafting this summer.

{Thank you cards for Dr King & VCA staff for Cassanova’s care}

We were so moved by the Dr and Staff who cared for Cassanova. The least that I could do was to make hand-make thank you cards to express our gratitude.   I used the sketch pens to draw the kitty and address the envelopes- I may never hand write an envelope again!  I also cheated and used the sketch pen to write the notes- so much better than my messy handwriting!

card-imp copy



{Baptism Card and Envelope}

We were so blessed to witness the Baptism of my former Co-worker’s little boy the one who’s baby shower I threw last year.  We had never been to a Greek Orthodox baptism before. It was a rich cultural and spiritual experience and we had a blast.  I love this swing card design, it is already in heavy rotation. I used the sketch pen again to embellish the card and envelope.


{First Birthday Card and Envelope}

I was dying to make this circus tent card and the first birthday of a friend’s son was the perfect excuse.  I would have never been able to make the envelope for this card on my old Silhouette Machine- this baby took up the whole 12×12 Cameo mat area. And yes… I used the sketch pens to embellish the envelope.  My name is Amy and I am addicted to sketch pens.



{Cotton Anniversary- Canvas Grocery Bag}

Ok a little break from cards.  I used the fabric interfacing to cut out embellishments for the grocery bag I gave Matt for our anniversary. Yes you read that right- my cotton gift to him was a grocery bag.  Last fall we lost one of our two canvas grocery bags.  You would have thought the earth stopped spinning. Matt is not a fan of the recycled non-woven fabric bags and we couldn’t find anymore of the canvas ones.  I found a great quality bag on Amazon and hid it from him. Using scrap fabric I used silhouette fabric interfacing and the silhouette machine to cut out veggie shapes and ironed them to the bag- sometime here soon I need to sew them down but I’m kind scared of sewing through such thick canvas… tips appreciated! He was so excited when he opened this part of his gift.





{Bridal Shower Gift Card Box, Fabric Flower, and Card}

My SIL, Mom and I were unable to attend the bridal shower for the aforementioned wedding. We all went in on a gift card and I decided to pretty it up a bit.  I used the fabric interfacing to make a fabric flower pin and these gift card boxes are my favorite! The swing card makes another appearance, and all the designs were sketched with sketch pens.




{Rock Star Themed Envelope, Card, Favor Boxes, and Cupcake Toppers}

Finally, we threw a surprise going away party at work for our summer intern- also named Amy.  I shamelessly used this as another opportunity to craft. I’m not even going to mention the sketch pens. We had a joke all summer about what a “rock star” Amy was on our project and decided to carry that over to the going away party.  My favorite feature had to be the star cutout boxes for people to take leftover cupcakes home… or the rockstar cupcake toppers… I can’t decide.




I can’t think of the last store-bought card I gave.  I love designing and crafting cards for special occasions like these and with practice I think the quality of my cards is going up.  I better get working on that wedding card!

I always wonder if people appreciate a hand-made card… Do you like to receive hand crafted cards or would you prefer someone just go to Hallmark?


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Silhouette Spotlight: Last Minute Cards

First a quick Cassanova update:  The little guy stayed at the vet for 3 days/nights.  He came home Wednesday evening.  The diagnosis: A gastrointestinal infection caused him to stop eating and he became anorexic.  We are assist-feeding him through a syringe.  Wednesday night he was happy to be home. He even ate the wet food off my hands instead of having to be force-fed.  He since seems to be doing better but is pretty much pissed off at us all the time. (wouldn’t you be too? He doesn’t feel well and we shove food/pills down his throat).  He has also at times eaten a little bit of dry food on his own but not much and not frequently.    We still have a way to go. Thank you for all of your prayers thus far, praying for a full recovery.

747dash8 006-imp

A couple of months ago I upgraded my beloved Original Silhouette machine to the new Cameo Silhouette Machine because I was interested in the wider cutting space (12″).  I’ve had so much fun with my new Cameo I decided to do a periodic feature Silhouette Spotlight. 

Today Matt and I are attending a BBQ Birthday party for a friend also named Matt.  We don’t usually buy gifts for adult birthdays but I always like to bring a card- and for the past year or so I’ve opted to make the cards myself rather than buy them. I recently finally used the Silhouette’s sketch pens and I am hooked.  I could never address an envelope as well as I can sketch with the Silhouette. Seriously love this!


This apron shaped card with utensils is one of my favorite ones for Dads or men in general.    I actually used the same shape with different patterns and colors for my Father and Father-in-law cards this year.  What is it about men and their grills?

The card shape cost $0.99  from the Silhouette Online Store and I’ve used it 3 times already… not too shabby.  You can cut the shapes out of colored card-stock or patterned scrapbook paper but I am lazy and use the print and cut feature on the Silhouette. The “Happy Birthday” phrase was also $0.99 and I have used it in multiple cards.  I had already purchased the gingham and stripe printable patterns from the online store for $0.79 each and have used them on other projects already.  I am a huge fan of the printable patterns because it means I can cut everything out of one sheet of white cardstock.

The only things that were new purchases were the candles sketch ($0.99) and the sketch letters (four sets at $0.99 each).  I didn’t need to purchase the sketch letters because I could have used the sketch pen with any fonts loaded on my computer but I really liked the look of these and knew I would use them a lot in the future.


There you have it! A last-minute personal birthday card in less than 15 minutes.  My Matt (not to be confused with birthday Matt) and I decided that this year will be a Hallmark free year- I’ve already crafted birthday cards for all of our nieces/nephews, mothers day cards, and fathers day cards.  Can’t wait to find more excuses to craft some last-minute cards!

I’m relatively new to the craft of card making.  Are there any other card makers out there? Any favorite tips, tricks, or tools you can share?

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