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Blobby’s Nursery/Office

When Matt and I first discussed having a combination office/nursery for our baby he had trouble envisioning how everything would fit and how the space would work.  I tried drawing my ideas out for him but he still had a bit of trouble seeing my vision.  There were times when I wasn’t sure that it would all come together either but I am happy to say in the end it worked out fabulously.


This is the view as you enter the room.  The Nursery takes up most of the room with a small office space to the right.robot_canvas-imp

And the view looking back at the door.  We opted for the space (and wallet) friendly IKEA Poang rocker instead of a glider.  We repurposed a small rustic side table to hold some nursing supplies.  The canvas in this space was a zero dollar DIY. We had the canvas from a project we had intentions of doing years ago.  I used my silhouette machine to cut out a robot shape from vinyl and used acrylic paints that I had on hand from wedding crafts.  I painted around the robot and when it was all done peeled off the vinyl to reveal the robot negative.

If the crib looks small that is because it is!  We decided on the Bloom Alma Mini Crib because it is on wheels and fits through doors.  This allows us to put baby in our bedroom for the first few months but also to put him/her to sleep in the office/nursery if we like.  This size crib is much more common in Europe, having huge cribs is kinda an american thing. We hope baby will be comfortable until 18 months or so in this set up.


Next to the crib is our diaper changing station.  We purchased a restaurant utility cart that would fit the ever popular Coshee Changer.  The changing pad is a soft foam that can easily be wiped clean.  The cart is fastened to the wall with safety straps and is really sturdy. I really wanted open storage that would allow easy access to cloth diaper and clothing supplies.  We achieved this with locker styled bins. We were able to make good use of the metal lockers with these magnetic storage bins.  The large bin holds our cloth diaper wipes/ diaper cream/ and diaper wipe spray bottle and the smaller bins hold various personal grooming/health related items.  The Ikea shelf above the changing station keeps extra blankets and extra diaper supplies within reach.


The lockers are perhaps one of my favorite parts of the nursery.  I added clothing rods (dowels in adhesive brackets) to transform the lockers into a closet.  I smile every time I see the tiny baby clothes hanging up!

I also used the Silhouette machine to craft some clothing size tags to help keep the clothes organized. The locker shelves are perfect for storing our various baby carriers and miscellaneous items.  The two red bins on the top store crib sheets and extra swaddles.


Below the window in this room is a small read and play area for baby.  We already have so many books for baby!  The book sling keeps many books handy and eventually accessible to baby.  The red canvas cube holds a majority of the books.


So far all of baby’s toys fit in the red tub but I am sure this won’t always be the case.  I added the TOYS label using my Silhouette machine and some white vinyl. The O is a gear shape. I also used the vinyl to create a robot stencil for the white locker bins.  I used the same robot and same blue acrylic paint from the canvas project. I love this little guy an his crooked smile!   The locker bin labels were also made on the silhouette.


A little white vinyl turns this bin into a laundry hamper and I can’t get enough of the felt ball and robot mobile that I created.


The office side of the room uses the same color pallet- Grey, Aqua, and Red. The red locker keeps most of our office supplies out of sight. Also, we freed up a lot of desk space by housing the printer and Silhouette Machine in the closet.  I have to say I really enjoy having the closet serve as craft central and it’s aqua walls make me smile.  I also am really liking the back of the door wrapping paper

Two last details.  The “Best Year Ever” calendar makes me grin and I am so exited to use this handmade diaper tote gifted to me by my friend Amy.  The robot lining makes me smile and the red chevrons match the throw pillows that I had made for the nursery.

I am not the only one enjoying the nursery. Both cats are in LOVE with the rocking chair and rolling around on the robot rug.  Hugo also likes to lay in the changing pad but I am trying to break him of that habit.

The details

Nurse and Sleep

Changing Area




So that in a nutshell is our nursery/office!  Not too far off from our original inspiration board.


Any other small space nurseries out there? Any shared space nurseries? What are your tips and tricks to making the most of the space that you have?



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Renovation Update 3

Spring has arrived!  Here in Seattle we have enjoyed a few beautiful days sprinkled throughout the normal gray and rain.  This time of year I really love the huge window that we have in our bedroom when the flowering plum trees are in bloom!

CameraZOOM-20130331085443235-impEaster day was especially beautiful.  Matt and I enjoyed brunch with my Mom and spent the weekend unpacking out kitchen.  Yep you read that right we finally are wrapped up with our renovation! One of these days I’ll get around to taking some proper photos but for now here are some snapped with my cell phone.


While we were going through the reno it may have seemed like the kitchen was very brown/grey/white- but as you can see we have lots of colorful kitchen accessories which is why we went for a more natural palate.

My Mommy friends (and SIL) like to remind me that we are going to have to figure out something to keep little hands off the kitchen island.  We know, but for now we are enjoying its beauty.


We did a little purging of kitchen utensils. We are so in love with our Joseph Joseph cutting boards that Matt bought me a larger set (and then forgot to give them to me for Christmas- whoops). 20130331162635589-imp

We decided to continue to use the metal strips and magnetic spice containers from our first kitchen organization attempt.  In the renovation the space that was formally our baking cabinet became the beautiful open storage that you see on the right. This meant that we had to make room for baking supplies in the corner cabinet and do a little purging.

A number of people have asked what the horizontal glass and aluminum cabinets were on either side of the sink.  I am in love with our tip-up cabinets which now store our Fiesta ware (pictured above) and our every day drinking glasses. We use the regular cabinets above to store lesser used items- and it’s a good thing- I need a step stool to reach the upper cabinets!


I can say with confidence that the best decision that we made was to purchase a single basin sink (pictured above during the construction phase) that is smaller than the “standard” double kitchen sink (28 inches wide vs 33 inches)- yet feels so much larger. First, it is modern and sexy- yes sexy.  Second, you can fit your big pots and pans easily in it for cleaning. Perhaps most importantly, it allowed us to forego the standard 36 inch wide sink cabinet for a 30 inch wide sink cabinet and bought us 6 or more inches of valuable drawer space.


Our kitchen only has 4 drawers in it so maximizing the space in these drawers is essential! I line the drawers with some inexpensive wrapping paper for a pop of color.  We were also able to accommodate our knives in a wooden block at the back of the silverware drawer.  The bottom drawer (bottom right) is extra deep and was the perfect solution for our glass storage containers and life factory bottles.  These items were previously stored overhead and I frequently had trouble accessing them. Now they are convenient and easy to match tops to containers.


Upstairs in the bedrooms we installed a ceiling fan in the nursery. This is the exact same fan that is installed in our bedroom. (Hampton Bay Bryant sold by Home Depot) What can I say, my husband is in love with this fan.  We *may* have an extra one in the garage just in case.

We also had our new window coverings installed by The Shade Store.  I am in love!  Our HOA has a (dumb) rule that all window coverings visible from the street have to be white.  Matt and I really didn’t want to install white 2 in blinds throughout the house. So I found a way around their rule.  When you opt for the privacy lining on Roman shades from the Shade Store the lining (what is visible from the street) is white. Woot!


We also re-installed our closet system  in the master bedroom- YAY no more living out of suitcases!  I adore our closet which is the (now discontinued) IKEA Broder system (sold in the garage storage area rather than the closet area) because of its industrial look and because it was insanely inexpensive.  I am bummed that it is discontinued- as was a great and affordable option.

It is so nice to have the house back together again.  I even cooked up some meals in the kitchen this week! No more eating out!

*sigh*  I am going to go admire our kitchen now… and enjoy a home cooked dinner.


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Renovation Update 2

Ahhh! A whole month has gone by since my last post.  I could blame pregnancy but really it has been phase 2 of our renovation.  We are really close to being done, just waiting on one set of window coverings to ship before we schedule installation of our window coverings. In the meantime our bedroom window is covered in white butcher paper and we are partially moved back into our bedroom.   Thanks to Instagram I have some photos of our progress. You know it is bad when you can’t even be bothered to pull out a regular camera and rely on cell phone photos.

It took our painter 4 and a half days to paint the ceilings, walls and closets in our Master bedroom and the Office/Nursery. Most of that time was taping off and carefully painting stripes on 2 of the nursery walls.


We used the same color in both bedrooms- Vintage Grey by Valspar.

We used BEHR’s Bleached Linen (which is used throughout the house) for the ceiling in both rooms, the Master closet, and the stripes in the nursery.

We also used Valspar Sea Breeze in the Nursery/Office Closet.

While these colors were picked out at big box stores,  we took the color sample to Kelly Moore Paint and had them color match it in their Enviro Coat zero VOC paint.


carpetnew-impI am so in love with the carpet!  We purchased Mohawk Carpet Ensemble Berber in Cool Cadence from Flynn’s Carpet Cents.  We absolutely loved our customer service from Flynn’s and would recommend them to anyone in the Puget Sound area. The bullnose on the stairs was extra but it really gives them a finished look.  In the photo on the right you get a peek at our Turquoise closet and the elfa back of door wrapping paper station.

3M Window film

Half of our house faces southwest and in the summer those rooms (Nursery/office and dining room) can become extremely warm.  In addition to the roman shades that we have ordered we also decided to combat the heat with 3M Prestige Series PR50 window film. It is impossible to even tell that there is a film on the windows and we can’t wait for the heat reduction this summer.

Honey Do List

We had a long honey do list that I knew Matt didn’t have time to complete and that I couldn’t do because of pregnancy (anything involving a ladder for example).  So we contracted this out.

  • Install new 3.25 inch baseboard in upstairs
  • Anchor nursery furniture to the wall (lockers, changing cart, etc)
  • Install shelving in Nursery and Master bedroom
  • Replace all the smoke detectors in the house
  • Install ceiling fan in Nursery
  • Replace can lights in kitchen
  • Install new box for light above fireplace

Unfortunately this is where my project management skills fell apart- I didn’t get the contractor out soon enough to do an estimate to get us on the schedule for the timing I wanted (right after the carpet was installed) so we ended up having about a week wait.  In the end none of the lighting things on the list got done. I’m pretty pissed off about the ceiling fan in particular.  I told the gentleman doing the estimate that all the light boxes in the ceiling were a non standard size and they needed to be replaced. I also told him that I knew the boxes weren’t secured enough to hang a ceiling fan from and that we needed to install a conversion kit.  He ignored the information I was giving him and didn’t schedule enough time to do these items. When he started to work on the fan and indeed discovered that I was right he said we would have to schedule the work for another day because he hadn’t allowed enough time.  Color me frustrated.  As of right now we haven’t rescheduled that yet and I think Matt is contemplating working with a different contractor (I should note that this is NOT the contractor we worked with on the kitchen).

Nonetheless, with the baseboard installed we could finally move things into the office/nursery and into our bedroom.




As I mentioned in the last post we had the lockers refinished at Maaco using automotive paint.  I think the Maaco folks thought I was crazy but they look AMAZING!  If you are going to go this route allow for plenty of time for the lockers to off-gas before putting them in their final resting place.  I should note that it is really hard to photograph these lockers because it is automotive paint. In different lighting it can look vastly different.  It is a blueish green color and we are absolutely in love.


I borrowed a rivet gun and attached locker numbers which also happen to be our anniversary date.  Love the small touches.

20130301155010428-impI also installed hanging clothes rods to the inside of the lockers. I used 5/8 inch dowels cut to size with these adhesive curtain rod brackets that I found on Amazon- worked like a charm and only took a matter of minutes to complete.  Eventually I will paint the dowels grey but the natural wood works well for now.  On the left you can see the Ikea Shelf we installed above the changing station.  This shelf used to be in our kitchen above the sink- now it holds blankets and this beautiful bee mobile crocheted for me by my friend Annie.

So this is where we stand.  The nursery side of the room is starting to come together. We still have to move the desk to the office side and complete re-installing our Elfa closet system in the Nursery/Office (and unpack all the boxed up office stuff). In the master we need to re-install the Ikea Closet and unpack all the boxed up closet/bedroom stuff.  We still need to have the  new window coverings (2 inch wood blinds in the kitchen and Roman shades everywhere else) installed and have the contractor complete all the lighting projects.  We have cleaners coming to do a deep clean on Friday and after that we will *slowly* start to move stuff back into the kitchen- finally.  I am pretty confident we can have all of this completed by the end of the month.

It goes without saying- it has been a very busy month.


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Renovation Update

It is official. We are crazy.

Our kitchen is finally done, and we are not only still living without a working kitchen but now we are also living without bedrooms… or carpet… in approximately 500 sq feet.   In addition to the kitchen renovation we knew that we needed to replace all the carpet in the house.  The carpet was 15 years old and cheap, cheap, cheap.  We also discovered that the builder had left a 3/4 inch gap in the subfloor in the upstairs hallway. I discovered the gap when my high heel sunk down a good inch or so when I stepped on that spot. Awesome. So that needed to be repaired too. We also wanted to paint the bedrooms, replace all the window coverings, change out the baseboard, and install a new ceiling fan in the office.  So, instead of moving back into our newly renovated kitchen we decided it would be easier to move out of the bedrooms and move everything back in when it was all completed (estimated about 2 weeks time).

Just a quick little video tour of our space.

Moving out was a pain in the butt. We underestimated the amount of time it would take and ended up working until Midnight (on a week night) to finish it up in time for the carpet guys to tear out the carpet the next day.  We wouldn’t have been able to do it without the help of our dear friend Jay- who likely never wants to carry something up or down our stairs again.



Our bed in the living room.



Dressers in the dining room!


Finished Kitchen! (with an office in it- lol).

But when I think about the nice new carpet, nice window coverings and the pretty paint for the walls I get excited.

Beautiful grey berber carpet!  The fabric swatches are for the roman shades going in the master bedroom (right) and nursery/office (left)IMG_20130211_113758-imp

Office/nursery colors! We picked the Vintage Grey (top right) and Sea Breeze (Bottom Right) for both rooms.  The nursery will also have lots of red accents. IMG_20130209_111817-imp

Our lockers are finally getting refurnished and painted! The green/blue sparkly paint is actually automotive paint from Maaco.  I cannot wait to get these back and outfit them with hanging rods for baby clothes!


IMG_20130209_132438 (1)-imp

We also figured out our baby changing station.  This restaurant utility cart will be strapped to the wall (for safety) and the bins will house our cloth diaper supplies and baby odds and ends (socks, onesies, etc).

Paint is going on the walls (and ceiling) as I type and I am hoping to schedule carpet installation for next Wednesday.  Windows coverings should be arriving in a couple of weeks.

Needless to say my nesting instincts are in full force!



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Kitchen Progress Week 1

If you subscribe to my FB feed you have been barraged with my daily kitchen progress photos. I can’t help it, we rush home every day to see what else has been completed and each day we fall more in love with the finished product.


Before it all started last week we had to pack up the whole kitchen and clean out space in our garage for the contractors to work.  I didn’t expect it to take as long as it did (Saturday, Sunday, and Monday) mostly because I didn’t account for the fact that pregnancy makes you much slower. You tire more easily and have to rest more frequently.  I took a vacation day on Monday to finish packing the kitchen and was exhausted when done.


Day 1: They completed all the Demo. Crazy how big the space looks without any appliances or cabinets. Wondering where the appliances went? To our dining room. It’s quite cluttered in there now!


Day 2: Most of the flooring was laid on day 2. OMG do we love the floor. We have maple in the rest of the main level but we knew that it would be really hard to match it so we went for a totally different finish and wider boards. The base wood is maple so the undertones are the same. We also had them lay it perpendicular to the way the living/dining room floor is laid.


Day 3: The bottom cabinets go in and finishing touches are done on the floor.


Day 4: The first bit of the upper cabinets went in with the exception of a tip-up, an appliance garage that sits on the countertop in the corner by the fridge and the fridge surround/cabinets above the fridge.


Day 5: The rest of the upper cabinets go in and we discovered that the second tip-up is not the size we ordered. Que panic on my part! Thankfully our cabinet guy is awesome and is expediting a new one to be made for us.


Day 6:

Today we came home to handles on the cabinets and lots of the trim pieces in. When I got home they had the kitchen sink laid in place so the counter guy could make a template. OMG the sink is beautiful! I was sad when the counter guy took it with him. LOL.


My Sis-in Law was curious about the cabinets in the corner next to the fridge. On the countertop will be an appliance garage. Above it are two square open shelves. The top shelf is missing because we will be creating a faux soffit at the top first. The bottom cabinet is a deep one. We will have a shelving unit that spins out to utilize the space better. Hugo can’t resist photo bombing.


Progress is going to be slowing down from here on out. We have to wait on the countertops which will likely take 4-5 working days to come in.  The guys said they will move our appliances back in tomorrow so we will have our dining room back but we won’t have a sink or dishwasher.  I’ll take what we can get.  As soon as the counter is in we’ll have sink and dishwasher again but may have to wait a little while for the back-splash as one of the tiles we picked out is so new that the tile company didn’t have any inventory yet. They are making our tile now!

I can’t complain- things are really rolling! Not to shabby for 6 days of work!



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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from our Haus to yours!


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Kitchen Plans

Matt and I were very much influenced by the inspiration photos I shared in the last post.  Below is an inspiration board of the products we are looking at using.


1. Love this sink! Vigo Single Basin Stainless Steel Undermount sink.

2. Glass tile: Moda Vetro Single color glass 4″x 8″

3. Moda Vetro Great wall tile in white- the rectangles are different depths and it makes it look like Lego block- the photo doesn’t do it justice

4. Ikea Ringskar faucet with pull-out spout. We purchased this almost 3 years ago and haven’t installed it yet.  whoops!

5. Bellmont Cabinets, 1600 Series Terra in Carbon

6. Seashell Chroma Quartz Counter by Pental

7. Bellmont Cabinets, 1600 Series Terra in Stone

8. Kentwood Originals: Maple Cannon Beach hardwoods

So, how will this all come together?  Steve drafted up some great plans for us.


We didn’t want to try to match our existing hardwoods (maple) and I think the hardwoods we selected with compliment them well.  The planks will be wider and the finish will have the same undertones (also a maple floor).  The island is staying.


We’re doing the same two-tone look as our inspiration photo.  You’ll note that the cabinets go all the way to the soffit. No wasted space on top of the cabinets! We have a lot of accessories with lots of color so I am glad that we are doing a crisp white countertop and white backsplash.  This design doesn’t show it but the cabinets to the right of the microwave will be the same tilt up cabinet below with cabinet above.  This will carry that look across the space.  The cabinet in the bottom right corner is a blind (twice as wide with only 1 door) and it has wire racks that rotate out.

The kitchen sink we are using is smaller because it is a single basin. This allows us to use a smaller base cabinet in that space and make our drawers wider- YAY we were seriously lacking drawer space.  Above the sink will be an open shelf, but instead of tile like is depicted here the back with be the same facing as the cabinets, but with the wood grain going in the opposite direction.

Ahhh, our problem corner.  We will have a 15″ deep aluminum appliance garage topped by two open “cubbies” with the same vertical grain. The fridge will be framed to give it a build in look and the cabinets over the fridge will go all the way to the ceiling.

I get giddy when I think about it!  We’re still getting all of our choices finalized and starting to pull together pricing.  Not sure when we will start demo but I am anxious to get rolling. It all started because we went shopping for a dishwasher.

What are your space savings small kitchen secrets?


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