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The Journey Begins…

I couldn’t contain my excitement when I opened the mail tonight. I started to get excited when I saw a package from Mrs Sewing and squealed with glee when I unwrapped the most adorable Zelda onesies. Matt and I have a special fondness for my fellow Weddingbee Blogger and her husband. We attended their hometown reception in San Francisco and share a geeky love of Zelda. How incredibly thoughtful and freaking adorable are these onesies?



I cannot wait for blobby to represent Hyrule! Squeeee! Regardless of if Blobby is a boy or a girl I know we will be sharing our Zelda love with him/her like this dad.

*I suspect (but haven’t confirmed) that these are handmade. Sewing recently became the proud owner of a Silhouette machine.

**And I am off to craft a thank you card for this oh so thoughtful gift… with what else? My Silhouette. ūüôā

How would you “geek out” your baby?




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My iPad is a Laptop (Brydge)

We are a one computer house at the moment. For two self-proclaimed geeks that can be rough at times. ¬†Our current setup is an iMac desktop computer which I love and truthfully was purchased with me in mind. We also have an iPad 3. However, Matt doesn’t really like working on the iPad- mainly because of the keyboard. I would love to buy Matt a MacBook Pro for Christmas, but the kitchen remodel has trumped that. ¬†(oh yeah, we are finally getting around to doing kitchen remodel!) ¬†So when we both want to use the computer at the same time (me to blog, Matt to pay bills) I usually grab the iPad and try to make it work. ¬†I’ve tried using the Mac bluetooth keyboard with varied success but would prefer an integrated solution.

I just about jumped out of my seat while on a flight to Indiana this summer. In the Delta magazine I saw an advertisement for Brydge.  Brydge is a bluetooth integrated keyboard that would turn your iPad into a laptop. Ohhh.. this looked tempting! I preordered The Brydge + (with speakers) for a about $200 hundred dollars and waited patiently for it to ship. It arrived earlier this week and I am so pleased.


As you can see the Brydge is the lower half of a laptop with hinges. brydge-imp


Simply snap the ipad into the hinges, pair the Bluetooth and voila! – you have a laptop!IMG_0797-impSo even though I have the iMac to myself today I think I will blog on my new iPad laptop!

So while a new MacBook Pro isn’t in the budget right now I am loving that my iPad looks like a baby MacBook. ¬†Oh and back of my ipad looked a little plain so I whipped up some PacMac themed decorations in Vinyl on the Silhouette. *squee*

Do you use an external keyboard for your iPad? 




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Watermarking with Aperture and Impression

A couple of weeks ago Stephanie at This Casita posted about how she preps photos for her blog– from editing to watermarking. ¬† I loved this post because I’m oddly curious what other’s process for such things. Selecting, editing, and prepping photos for the blog seems to be the bottleneck in my whole blogging process.

By using Photoshop actions and brushes (for the watermark) Stephanie has been able to trim this process down and streamline it. ¬†So why don’t I apply this my process? ¬†Like many bloggers, she uses Photoshop and , well, I use Aperture*. ¬† I love Aperture for photo editing but I toyed with getting Photoshop Elements when I found out the slightly time-consuming (but free) method I had used to add watermark text through Picnik wouldn’t be available after April. Ultimately I decided to stick with Aperture and find a companion application to add a reposition-able watermark. ¬†My process might be a little wonky and low tech at moments but it seems to be working. ¬†I even made you guys a little demo, you know so you could see

So here is my process:

  1. Edit in Aperture
  2. If Landscape image Right click image and select Export>>Impression (proceed to step 7)
  3. If making 2 portrait images into one landscape image export to desktop
  4. Open Microsoft Powerpoint and drag 2 images in to empty slide
  5. Position and use Grab tool to capture just the image you want and save to desktop
  6. Open Impression and drag image from step 5 in
  7. Add watermark (text or import image) or select preset watermark
  8. Adjust position as needed
  9. Export to Aperture
  10. Upload to flickr with one button click

What tools do you use to prep photos for your blog? Any other Aperture lovers out there?

*There seems to be a trend here… I shoot a Pentax instead of the ubiquitous Cannon or Nikon… I use Aperture not Photoshop.  I guess I like going with the less popular little guy.

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The Zelda Plan

When life gets busy in the Parker Haus so many things suffer. ¬†The past couple months have been tremendously busy, especially because of travel. ¬†We’ve gotten to see family and friends over a series of “long weekends” which has left us super busy at work and our house/home life a little neglected. ¬†Grocery shopping doesn’t make a whole not of sense when you are in town for a couple of days and then gone for a long weekend so you end up eating out all.the.time. We’ve both gained back a little bit of the weight we lost and I can’t wait to get settled back into our healthy eating habits.

Thankfully Thanksgiving is right around the corner. ¬†Matt and I have looked forward to the four-day weekend for weeks now. ¬†The best part about Thanksgiving this year? No travel! ¬†Our “travel” consists of a 10 minute drive to my Mom’s for Turkey dinner on Thursday. ¬†The rest of the weekend we will likely not leave a 1 mile radius from our house. ¬†We have a couple of “to do” items to check off our list but primarily our mission is: RELAX. ¬†And we have a plan.

The Zelda Plan! ¬†It’s a highly technical plan that includes lounging around the house in bunny slippers and lots of hours logged on the Wii.


We are a Zelda loving house.  We even give each other Zelda themed valentines and a couple of months ago we each pre-ordered the limited edition Zelda Skyward Sword bundle pictured above.  We were each going to surprise the other with the gift but I was so excited I spilled the beans.  Good thing too because we would have ended up with 2 bundles (tragic I know).

Matt has made me promise that we won’t play Zelda the WHOLE weekend but I have to admit it is tempting. ¬†From the previews that I have seen the Skyward Sword is absolutely beautiful. ¬†I prefer the style of the Windwaker over the art style in the Twilight Princess. When I heard that the Skyward Sword would blend elements from the two I was nervous, however, the result is magical. This trailer hints at romance between Link and Zelda while showing the beautiful graphics.


I am also excited for the swordplay in this game. ¬†I’m sure there will be a steep learning curve for me (I’m not that great with video games to begin with) which will likely result in lots of hilarity.

I’m loving the commercials for the game, especially this European commercial featuring Robin Williams.


Makes me love Robin Williams even more to know he named his daughter Zelda.The bundle should be on our doorstep in just 24 hrs. EEK!

Let me leave you with a hilariously funny literal depiction of the Skyward Sword trailer.


Have you done a video game marathon?  Anyone else a Legend of Zelda fan? Favorite Zelda game?


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