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Tragus/Labret Earrings FTW

I have a bunch of holes in my ears- three on the left, four on the right to be specific.  I can’t tell you the last time I wore earrings on a regular basis though (besides the hoop in my cartilage.  As an adult I developed a sensitivity to earrings- anything other than gold would cause my earlobes to become  itchy, oozing, messes. So I wore earrings on special occasions.  Even so, I never wore my earrings overnight because the posts had a tendency to poke me in the head. I told Matt that all I wanted was some gold posted tiny stud earrings that I could wear in each of my piercings- which wouldn’t be inexpensive.

18 Gauge 1/4″ 2MM Labret stud from

I was talking with a coworker one day and she showed me the tragus/labret style piercing earrings that she had.  They had a flat back and the fronts screwed in place.  I wasn’t sure if the surgical steel would irritate my ears. I ordered a few types and lengths to try.  Surprisingly my ears didn’t react. I love them. They stay in 24/7 and I have had zero discomfort.  18 Gauge is similar to regular earrings.  I found that for the non-cartilage piercings the 1/4″ inch is perfect.  I am able to fit a much shorter length (5/32″) for my cartilage.


From top top to bottom:

So with a little thinking out of the box I am wearing earrings again. YAY!

Sometimes it is the little things really.

*note- often times these types of earrings are sold individually instead of in pairs. Read each listing carefully.



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Christmas in the Haus

Hey there! *brushes dust off blog*

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas while I am at it!  As you might infer from the radio silence on the blog, we are busy enjoying life with our active baby boy!  This Christmas was so much fun and an absolute blessing.



We cut it a little close with Christmas Cards- these Tiny Prints cards (photos by Sarah Sweetman Photography) made it to their destinations just after Christmas thanks to the extreme weather the rest of the nation was “enjoying”.


This year we celebrated Christmas Eve at my Mom’s place. She made us our traditional family Meat Pie (Tourtière) which was amazing- as always.   We had a little trouble getting a fire started in her fireplace, but the process provided us with a lot of laughter.

Christmas day was a long one!  We made donuts from scratch in the morning. I got the idea from a coworker and I think it is going to be a new Christmas tradition. The donuts were YUM! Another new tradition is family Christmas PJs on Christmas morning. We always opened our Christmas gifts in our PJs and fun festive PJs make this tradition all the more special. Matt, who never wears PJs donned his green and white PJs for the occasion.

christmas day2-imp
Our tree this year was a cardboard tree from IKEA. We didn’t really trust Hugo to not send it crashing to the ground and to be honest it was just one less thing to worry about. On christmas morning the gifts abounded under the tree, almost all of them for Mr Levi.

We opened gifts with Matt’s family over Skype which went surprisingly well. Levi slept through most of it and woke up in time to open a few gifts with my Mom, Matt and I. Mostly he wanted to eat the paper.
Levi was working on crawling and we gave him a lot of diaper time on Christmas to practice. Love his Christmas themed Best Bottom diaper- Mistletoe!
Levi received lots of great toys like this ring sacker from Melissa and Doug and the Busy Town Cube in the background.
Perhaps the best part of the day was hanging out with my mom. She got lots of Levi snuggle time. We ended up going to a 7PM Christmas Day mass which wasn’t too crowded. Unfortunately I was really lax with planning our meals and the timing, we didn’t end up eating Christmas dinner until nearly 10PM! WHOOPS!
christmas day1-imp

Levi’s first Christmas was a success! Can’t wait for next year!

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Happy (belated) 1st Birthday Hugo!


The weekend that I was put on bed rest was also the weekend that Hugo turned 1.  Our little guy is officially no longer a kitten and now a cat!  I weighed him this week and he is 20 lbs. Holy cow! Look at the little kitten we brought home last July compared to him now! hugocompare2-imp

This past weekend my midwives relaxed my bed rest a bit.  Meaning I could get out of bed and take some photos of our big boy.  Nap time is decidedly not his favorite time for paparazzi.  Oh well, deal with it birthday boy!

I mentioned that he is 20 lbs.  Here are some more fun facts about our big kitty.

  • He loves fleece and furry blankets. He shoves his nose into the blanket and inhales very deeply. Then he starts purring and kneading the blanket. If the fur is somewhat long he also likes to bite the fur.


  • He loves to chase Cheese.  They are finally getting along better. He is better able to control his impulses to jump on her every time he sees her and she doesn’t hiss at him constantly.  She has started to play with him too- dive bombing him from on top the bed and giving him a chase every now and again.  He is still obsessed with biting her fur though- I think it is related to his blanket fetish.


  • Even though he and Cheese are getting along better he won’t cuddle with us if she is also doing so.  He prefers to have 1:1 time with Matt especially   At night Matt will sometimes go lay downstairs on the couch with Hugo. This goes back to his kitten days when we didn’t let him sleep in our room yet and Matt would hang out with him until he fell asleep.


  • Hugo loves the bathroom.  He loves to eat toilet paper so he isn’t allowed in the bathrooms unsupervised. But if one of us is in the bathroom he HAS to be in there too.  He lays at your feet while you are on the toilet and sometimes jumps up on your lap (awkward!).  He lies on the bath mat while you shower and recently loves to go lay in a dry shower or bathtub.  He also likes to hide behind the shower curtain and attack you from behind it.



  • While he has a personality of his own he does have a lot of similar personality traits as our dear departed Cassanova. So much so that both Matt and I sometimes slip up and call his Cass.  I can’t believe we lucked out and got such an awesome cat after losing Cass.  

Happy Birthday Hugo! We are so happy that you are part of our family.  Hoping the next new addition to the family doesn’t stress you out too much!



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2012 Parker Haus Christmas Card

I am very happy with how this the Parker Haus 2012 Christmas cards came out. Once again we used shutterfly. I had a deal from Zulily which allowed us to upgrade our cards to premium cardstock. Matt and I were both very pleased with the quality of the outcome.


We also opted to have shutterfly address, stamp and mail our cards for us- what a wonderful time-saving solution! 2013 was a very busy and blessed year. We can hardly wait for all that 2013 will bring. Merry Christmas to you and yours!


Stationery card
View the entire collection of cards.

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Hugo: 7 Month Old Tyrant

Yep, our cute cuddly kitten is now 7 months old and is HUGE!

At 3 months Hugo fit on my lap…


and at 7 months he is a giant!




Weighs a solid 12 lbs

12 inches tall (standing)

14 inch long tail

3 feet from nose to tail

Cue googling “how long do kittens grow” and “how big will my cat be?”.  Sources vary but almost everyone agrees that cats grow up to the first year and some grow even longer up to 3 years. *Blink… blink*  I’m getting a little concerned that Hugo is going to be a giant cat.
Just look at his feet. His hind legs are as long as my hand.


Hugo and Cheese “share the house” and by share  I mean Hugo is a tyrant and chases Cheese around and Cheese hisses a whole lot and puts up a stink.  He wants to play with her so bad but she wants nothing to do with him.  He’s almost twice her size now.  She lost a pound in the last couple months (weighing in now just under 7 lbs) because he makes her run around the house and he harasses her when she tries to eat. Her big round belly is gone but she isn’t “underweight” for her frame. The vet isn’t concerned but  I’d like to see her gain a half pound back.  So we’ve started to put her in our bedroom with food and water during the day so she can eat in peace and quiet.

cheese-impThey do co-exist well some of the time, sharing our bed at night without too much commotion and relaxing during the day in close proximity. But Hugo is obsessed with trying to bite her fluffy fur and tail. *sigh*  She needs to bite him hard (she doesn’t have claws) to teach him a lesson.  Both kitties seem to know something is different with me. They love to lay on my belly and I am sure that I smell different now.  Just wait until May kitties! Life is going to change a whole lot then!

Anyone have a kitten who was 12 lbs by 7 months? How big did it get?  Any tips for helping Hugo calm down when he is around Cheese and get him to stop harassing her?



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Feeling “Crabby”

Seattle is Dungeness crab country and one of the things I am sad to say I hadn’t tried is crabbing- until recently.  I love fishing, and from what I could gather crabbing is similar. There is a lot of waiting around and a bit of a thrill when you catch something.  Our friends H & T have been going crabbing for a couple of summers now. In-fact H’s step-son told Matt and I all about how to catch crabs.  So we decided to ask H&T to tag along one crabbing adventure.

We decided to crab at a location close to home, even though we knew that we would have better luck further away. Matt and I picked up licences and brought a couple of cans of tuna at H’s request.



T baited their traps with chicken legs (left out in the sun to get all aromatic) and tuna.



We tossed the traps in off the dock and waited.  Every so often we would pull up the traps to check them.  We caught a lot of females which you have to throw back and a lot of undersized males which also have to go back.  At the end of the day we were empty-handed.  But we had a blast.

crabbing3-impSunshine, good company, and nature- what more could you ask for?  T and H brought their dog and we were visited by a momma seal and her pup. OHMYGOSH they were cute!  Now that we know how it all works (and we have licences) Matt and I are going to invest in a pot (or two) and try our hand at it again (in a better location).  Next time I’ll also remember to bring an extra camera battery- I only got the above 6 shots before the camera died. Whoops!

Have you ever been crabbing before? Tips or tricks for a newbie?


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Rewind: Anniversary and Zoo

{Anniversary Dinner and Les Miserables}

Matt and I celebrated 2 years of marriage in July.

We pretended we were back in Italy at La Fontana Siciliana


Before taking in a performance of Les Miserables at the 5th Avenue Theatre. Les Mis is my favorite musical and the tickets were well worth the price.


{Fort Wayne Zoo}

At the end of July we also made an UBBER fast trip to Fort Wayne to meet our newest nephew. While there we visited with Matt’s parents, siblings, and our niece and nephews.  A family trip to the zoo was the highlight of the 2 day trip.


Meet Ayden!



Nieces, Lions, and Nephews oh my!




It was also the last time we would get to see my BIL before he deploys.  Was great to see him with his son- passing those musical genes on early!


I am not sure who was cuter- my nieces and nephews or the animals… ok my nieces and nephews!hatch-imp

Or my husband playing with the kids.  Yeah, I think Matt takes the prize.


As much as I hate doing quick trips (the monday’s suck!), this one was well worth it. I was very impressed with the Fort Wayne Zoo.  For a small city zoo it really represented.  I’ve been to the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle once and Matt has never been.  Its on the list of things to do now. Does your town have a zoo? Have you checked it out?

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