About Us

We are a couple of kids starting a nest just north of Seattle.  We’re city folk at heart and long for our own little urban farm (with chickens!) but will have to settle for our 2 bed/2 bath townhaus in the suburbs.  Partners in life and in DIY, we both enjoy crafting and creating.

DIY Style: Get it done!

While planning our July 2010 wedding Amy was a featured blogger on Weddingbee.com (Mrs Pretzel).   She loves to knit, craft, cook, and is enjoying learning to use the DSLR Matt bought her as a wedding gift.  When nobody is looking she talks like a muppet and dances like a maniac, much to Matt’s delight

DIY Style: Get it done right!

Matt has insisted on writing his own bio- coming soon.




Cassanova AKA Cass:

Amy got Cass back in 1998.  He was born on a farm in Delphi Indiana and came to live with Amy at Purdue University.  A well traveled kitty (who doesn’t travel well… hello kitty valium) he has lived in Indiana, Wisconsin, Colorado, Arizona, Georgia, and Washington.  Truth be told he is a dog in a cat’s body who hasn’t lost his kitten playfulness. Cassanova passed away June 2012. We miss him greatly.




Cheese AKA Cheese Puff, Cheese Louise, Cheese Curl, Cheese Curd:

Cheese was adopted as a 6 week old male cat from a farm in Omro Wisconsin in 2002.  Two weeks later it was discovered that he was a she and she was barely 4 weeks at the time of adoption- a case of mistaken identity.  As a result she has never really become a full grown cat- more like a half a cat who still has her kitten cry.  She is painfully shy (earning her the name ghost cat) and skittish around everyone except her Parker Haus peeps.  The one way to get her to come out of her shell is table scraps.  This little piggy loves all food human- including vegetables.



Hugo (photo coming soon)

In July 2012 we feel in love with a little grey and white kitty.  Originally named Thor we named this little guy Steve Martin, but we call him Hugo.  *grin* When he gets in trouble (which is often) he gets called Hugo Reyes (AKA Hurley from lost).  His favorite activities include fetching his puff (like a dog!) and chasing Cheese.  He just wants to be friends but he relentlessly tortures her.

Why Parker Haus Roles?

I (Amy) am famous for saying some great gems just as I am drifting off to sleep.  Matt gets a kick out of the gibberish that I mumble.  We’d been talking about starting a blog together and I was stuck on a name.  One night I mumbled three words and Matt said “a blog name is born”.  Except he forgot what I said, all he could remember is “Parker”.  Trying to reconstruct the three words we stumbled upon a fun little phrase that uses a clever homonym. Matt’s family has a primarily German background and “Haus” seemed like a nice alternative to “House” and “Haus Roles” alludes to the division of labor in a marriage.  A cute little name for a blog devoted to newlyweds navigating (or not) the definition of roles  in the haus.  The name also has another significance- as Parker House Rolls (dinner rolls made famous by the Parker Hotel in Boston) are Amy’s favorite carb.


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