Tragus/Labret Earrings FTW

I have a bunch of holes in my ears- three on the left, four on the right to be specific.  I can’t tell you the last time I wore earrings on a regular basis though (besides the hoop in my cartilage.  As an adult I developed a sensitivity to earrings- anything other than gold would cause my earlobes to become  itchy, oozing, messes. So I wore earrings on special occasions.  Even so, I never wore my earrings overnight because the posts had a tendency to poke me in the head. I told Matt that all I wanted was some gold posted tiny stud earrings that I could wear in each of my piercings- which wouldn’t be inexpensive.

18 Gauge 1/4″ 2MM Labret stud from

I was talking with a coworker one day and she showed me the tragus/labret style piercing earrings that she had.  They had a flat back and the fronts screwed in place.  I wasn’t sure if the surgical steel would irritate my ears. I ordered a few types and lengths to try.  Surprisingly my ears didn’t react. I love them. They stay in 24/7 and I have had zero discomfort.  18 Gauge is similar to regular earrings.  I found that for the non-cartilage piercings the 1/4″ inch is perfect.  I am able to fit a much shorter length (5/32″) for my cartilage.


From top top to bottom:

So with a little thinking out of the box I am wearing earrings again. YAY!

Sometimes it is the little things really.

*note- often times these types of earrings are sold individually instead of in pairs. Read each listing carefully.



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