Levi at Seven Months (Belated)

This post is a cross-post from Parker Haus Grows

A bit late, but here is a look back at your 7th month. At the end of your 7th month your first tooth popped through. We knew it wouldn’t be long because the whole month was filled with lots of drool, fussing, and everything.goes.in.the.mouth. Your Granddude was certain a tooth wasn’t far away when he visited for Thanksgiving. You had so much fun with Granddude, showing him how you try to crawl and move around. You also showed him what a great eater you are, both at home and at restaurants. You had turkey for Thanksgiving dinner as well as green beans and potatoes.
You and Hugo are really becoming friends. You love to pet him “gentle” and every once in a while you will tackle him, Richard Sherman style. He is usually surprised, as are you, and he escapes unharmed. You both have an affection for a certain soft throw blanket and love to snuggle up with it.
You continue to enjoy cheering the Seahawks on every Sunday in your Marshawn Lynch jersey (momma has a matching one). Seahawks football is the only TV you are allowed to watch.
You really are a joyful and sweet baby boy. We are such lucky parents.

momma and daddy


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