Levi at Eight Months

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This month didn’t bring a whole lot of sleep, but it did bring another tooth (number 2) and lots of mobility. You are all over the place! You have no trouble getting where you want to go even though you aren’t crawling in the traditional sense. You spin, and creep, and worm your way all over. You also can get up to sitting from laying down. You roll to your belly. Pull your knees up under yourself, push up with your arms and push yourself back onto your bottom. You started to do this in your crib, giving me a heart attack! You love to play on your playmat, taking toys out of a bin and putting them back in. You love to eat books and hug your stuffed animals. You give mommy and daddy big hugs and sloppy kisses.
Towards the end of this month Grandma and Grandpa came to visit. Mommy went on a 4 day business trip and Grandma and Grandpa helped Daddy take care of you. This was the first time that you had to take bottles overnight. Dad was a little nervous about night time as you are accustomed to nursing to sleep but you did awesome. You slept long stretches for Daddy and he became a pro at putting you to bed. He taught Mommy some things when she got home. Overall you enjoyed lots of Grandma and Grandpa snuggles during their visit.
You also started to get really good at eating AND swallowing your food this month. We had to hook up the diaper sprayer, as we no longer enjoy easy to clean breastfed diapers. You love drinking ice water out of a regular cup at dinner and think that spoons are the most fun!
It is amazing to watch you learn and grow. Each month just keeps getting better and better- if that is even possible.

Love you lots!
Momma and Daddy


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