Christmas in the Haus

Hey there! *brushes dust off blog*

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas while I am at it!  As you might infer from the radio silence on the blog, we are busy enjoying life with our active baby boy!  This Christmas was so much fun and an absolute blessing.



We cut it a little close with Christmas Cards- these Tiny Prints cards (photos by Sarah Sweetman Photography) made it to their destinations just after Christmas thanks to the extreme weather the rest of the nation was “enjoying”.


This year we celebrated Christmas Eve at my Mom’s place. She made us our traditional family Meat Pie (Tourtière) which was amazing- as always.   We had a little trouble getting a fire started in her fireplace, but the process provided us with a lot of laughter.

Christmas day was a long one!  We made donuts from scratch in the morning. I got the idea from a coworker and I think it is going to be a new Christmas tradition. The donuts were YUM! Another new tradition is family Christmas PJs on Christmas morning. We always opened our Christmas gifts in our PJs and fun festive PJs make this tradition all the more special. Matt, who never wears PJs donned his green and white PJs for the occasion.

christmas day2-imp
Our tree this year was a cardboard tree from IKEA. We didn’t really trust Hugo to not send it crashing to the ground and to be honest it was just one less thing to worry about. On christmas morning the gifts abounded under the tree, almost all of them for Mr Levi.

We opened gifts with Matt’s family over Skype which went surprisingly well. Levi slept through most of it and woke up in time to open a few gifts with my Mom, Matt and I. Mostly he wanted to eat the paper.
Levi was working on crawling and we gave him a lot of diaper time on Christmas to practice. Love his Christmas themed Best Bottom diaper- Mistletoe!
Levi received lots of great toys like this ring sacker from Melissa and Doug and the Busy Town Cube in the background.
Perhaps the best part of the day was hanging out with my mom. She got lots of Levi snuggle time. We ended up going to a 7PM Christmas Day mass which wasn’t too crowded. Unfortunately I was really lax with planning our meals and the timing, we didn’t end up eating Christmas dinner until nearly 10PM! WHOOPS!
christmas day1-imp

Levi’s first Christmas was a success! Can’t wait for next year!


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