Levi at Six Months


This was cross post from Parker Haus Grows.month6-imp
Six months is such a fun time! You are so interactive and busy all the time. Your personality is really starting to shine through. You are always smiling, very loving and affectionate, and a little bit silly. You look more and more like your dad every day.
This month we visited The Great Salt Lake with grandma and grandpa. You continue to be a great traveler, much our pleasure.
You could spend hours sitting, surrounded by toys. This month you really started to like stuffed animals. You have a musical panda from your cousin C, a soft blue Build-a-Bear from mommy’s friend H, and 2 stuffed foxes from Ikea. You love to give them kisses and hugs.
Speaking of kisses and hugs you have become very affectionate with dad and I. You love to “suck” on our faces (dad’s nose and my chin) it makes us giggle and we think it is your version of kisses.

At the end of this month you began eating solid food. Your first foods were streamed broccoli, streamed carrot, banana, and pasta. Carrot seemed to be your favorite but you also seemed to like banana. You made lots of faces eating broccoli but you kept coming back for more. You actually ate very little, but that is ok, it is more about letting you discover tastes and textures of food.

We also started using baby sign language with you. Our most consistent sign that we use is cat, but we also sign for milk, gentle, soft, light, fan, change diaper, mommy, daddy, grandma, and grandpa. The kitties are by far your favorite things the house. If you could get up and walk I think you would chase Hugo all day. You are very interested in moving but haven’t figured out this crawling business.

We had so much fun taking your photo this month. Below are some out takes that show your personality. Love you Levi!

momma and daddy








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