Levi at Five Months

This is cross post from Parker Haus Grows.

About a month ago I went back to work. And the blog posts stopped. I promise this won’t turn into a series of monthly updates. I’m getting into the rhythm of this whole working mom thing and hopefully can crank out a few posts on the topic here soon. But for now we are celebrating 5 months with Levi.


At the start of this last month I went back to work and you started daycare.  You have so much fun at daycare and while I would love to stay home with you, I also really love my job.  Thankfully you have thrived at daycare, coming home doing all sorts of new things like sticking out your tongue and making funny faces.  You have also come home with some germs and the common cold. Oh well!

These new faces that you make crack us up! Combine your funny faces with a love of babbling and laughter and you can see why we could sit and chat with you for hours.  You really are a delight.

You started tripoding a couple of weeks ago, which quickly progressed to sitting.  You are pretty good at keeping your balance for a while, until you fall over.  You don’t cry though, just laugh and wait for us to help you up again into sitting position.  With all of this sitting you are much less interested in rolling over though.  When you do tummy time you have started to try to propel yourself forward. Sometimes you end up pivoting on your tummy and other times you plant your face in the floor and try to drive yourself forward with your legs. Neither methods are very successful at this time but it doesn’t stop you from trying.

Some of your favorite toys at the moment are Sophie the giraffe, your wubbanub, the bright starts clack and slide activity ball, the winkle, the O ball, and your dinosaur bath toys.  But really I think your favorite toys are your hands and fingers.  You love the stare at your fingers and gently tap them together (as if plotting to take over the world). You turn your hands over and over to examine them and the are constantly in your mouth.  You use them to explore our faces (and our mouths) and I swear you could entertain yourself for hours examining your hands.

You, sir, are a complete joy.  We don’t even mind too much that you are still in your 4 month sleep regression (only sleeping 2 hours at a time at night) when you wake up you have smiles and giggles for both of us. Our lives are brighter because you are in them.

♡ You little boy!

Momma and Daddy


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