Levi at Four Months

Cross post from Parker Haus Grows.
month4-impThis month was a big one.  It was my last month at home with you before going back to work and it was also one of your biggest developmental months thus far.  First, let’s talk about how big you are getting.  You an Hugo are about the same size now- WOW! He better watch out because you have your eye on him.  You light up when  you see him and you watch him intently.  You love to grab big fistfuls of his soft fur. So far he is a good sport about it but I think his patience may run out with your grabbing and pulling.
During this month you went through your 4th Wonder Week– which is a deceiving title as this one lasts multiple weeks.  I’ll be honest, those weeks weren’t the most fun- you started waking up at night more frequently, became more fussy (you went from happy to losing your mind in just a few seconds), and my previously chatty baby became very quiet.  You were working hard on some big developmental stuff so it is understandable.  As  you emerged from this cloudy period you were able to do so much more!

  • You laugh all the time now and the sound of your laugh is music to Mommy and Daddy’s ears
  • You are constantly moving- arms, legs, bootie lifts, squirm city
  • You can grab things with some precision now and you pull anything and everything to your mouth in a fluid motion
  • You love to examine our faces, especially our mouths- putting your hand in someone else’s mouth is second only to putting your hand in your mouth
  • You talk all the time and sometimes you seem to sing- varying your tone and volume. You love to listen to yourself chatter and we are so happy to have our chatty baby back
  • You love to be sung to- L.O.V.E- your favorite songs are anything from Vampire Weekend- especially “Diane Young” and the silly songs that mommy made up including “Levi James” and “Hey there Mr Magoo”

Highlights of this month included:

  • Getting dressed up as Link from The Legend of Zelda for the Penny Arcade Expo.  It was a little noisy and busy for your tastes but we survived the day with use of the convention center’s Mother’s room
  • Listening to David Bazan at Bumbershoot Music festival.  You love music and had a blast strolling around Seattle Center at the music festival.  We took it easy, only catching one show but next year, watch out!
  • You finally started taking a bottle.  Admittedly we weren’t very aggressive in trying to give you one. Thankfully everything worked out well. It took you a while to figure out how it worked but you got there
  • You started daycare the last 2 days of this month.  Napping and taking a bottle were challenging but you did well.

You have been a little personality since birth but I really feel like in month 4 your personality blossomed.  I am so grateful to have this month at home to be able to witness it first hand.  Mr Magoo/Bubba J, you bring me and your daddy so much joy.  ♡ you little boy.


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