First illness

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Really, this is a first that I wasn’t looking forward to. Last week Levi had cold symptoms. He was congested, fussy, and tired. His temp only got above 99.1 once so I just kept an eye on it and nursed and snuggled with him lots. His appetite wasn’t as good as normal and he wanted to sleep more. Wednesday of this week he developed a barking cough.  Matt and I both suspected croup and a Dr visit Thursday morning verified it. Armed with two prescriptions we holed up at home in bed, lots of rest and nursing.
He is sleeping more, eating a bit less than normal, but still his smiling cheery self when he is awake.


Playing with Daddy

Matt and I believe that we shouldn’t keep him in a bubble. We have never shied away from taking him out in public, visiting the zoo for the first time at 3 weeks and taking him for a 2 week trip at 2 months. Sure this exposes him to more germs but it also gives him a wider range of antibodies as my breast milk contains antibodies for things he and I encounter.


Sometimes you need 3 forms of comfort. Wubbanub, A&A Blanket, and robot lovey.

In a month he will be starting day care. At day care he will encounter germs that I won’t encounter because I won’t be with him all day.  This means my breast milk won’t contain antibodies for these germs. I am sure more illness is in our future but I hope that by taking him out and about I have boosted his immune system these first 4 months.
I like to call this philosophy the “let them eat dirt” parenting style.
It doesn’t make seeing him sick any easier though.
What is your go-to way to comfort a stick baby?



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2 responses to “First illness

  1. Aw, his sweet little fussy face. I just want to snuggle him. Sending good-health thoughts your way!!

  2. Chelsea Carey

    LOTS and lots of love and snuggles!! Also, tepid baths if he is feverish, fresh air and sunshine if weather permits 🙂 good luck mama! you’re doing a GREAT job!

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