Levi at One Month


Last friday marked Levi’s first month!  While I didn’t get around to writing this post on the actual day, I did do his photos.

Dear Levi,

This first month has been busy!

  • When we brought you home from the hospital you were “baby boy ParkerHaus”. We had three names that we were trying to decide between and neither of us felt that we could make that decision until we got a bit of sleep.  Levi James had been the front-runner for some time, it just took some sleep for us to make it final.
  • You love to eat! Evident by you weight gain! You are up 3 lbs from your birth weight.  You make lost of grunting noises when you nurse which makes us giggle. When I nurse in public the noises that come from under the nursing cover are startling to folks in the vicinity!
  • You prefer sleeping on your side, or better yet your stomach.  On soft surfaces you are able to roll from back to side and side to stomach. Slow down buddy! We don’t let you sleep on your stomach (except when laying on our chests) but if we did you would be so happy. You like to be swaddled but you are always trying to bust one arm out!
  • You love tummy time, especially on our chests.  You have amazing neck strength and frequently hold your head up to look around.
  • You know our voices and definitely turn your head when mommy comes in the room (food!).
  • You are a snuggly baby who melts into the person holding you.  You love to snuggle up to mommy after nursing (or during nursing) and you fall fast asleep on daddy’s chest.
  • You don’t like to give up the burps which usually leads to gas needing to be tooted out.  You grunt and work on those toots and then give us the biggest smile once you’ve successfully gotten it out.
  • We have officially retired the newborn clothes. I packed the last bit up yesterday after doing laundry.  With cloth diapers the 0-3 are getting a little snug too!
  • Speaking of cloth diapers, you are in cloth diapers most of the time but you are still wearing a disposable at night for now.  You fit in the newborn covers on their largest setting and the best bottom covers on their smallest setting.
  • Grandma and Mrs Heather came with us to our first excursion to the zoo.  You slept in the stroller most of the time but it was really nice for mom and dad to get out in the sunshine.



We bought a membership to the zoo. I figure it will just be a matter of time before you are pointing at he Meerkats saying “Timon!” For now you are content to snooze in your stroller.

I can’t believe you are finally here and that we are a family. So many prayers and dreams come true.  We marvel at how much you change every day and the little personality that we see emerging.  We love you so much!


Mom and Dad


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