Greetings from the Trenches



This is cross post from Parker Haus Grows.  With my new blogging habits (phone blogging) I cannot cross post easily so if you want to catch all the baby related updates you might want to subscribe to Parker Haus Grows. I will cross post larger posts (like monthly updates etc) here to make sure it doesn’t become “OMG BABY OVERLOAD” over here (you know like my facebook feed or my Instagram feed- insert sheepish but proud mama face).


The trenches, that’s what I’ve decided to call the newborn stage. It’s like a proving ground of sorts. Some days come really easy and others are an absolute struggle.  Just when you think you have something figured out he goes and changes everything. It’s hard but oh so wonderful at the same time.


I have been inspired by my due date twin, Annie, to start posting more (She has been posting almost daily!). That may mean more text filed posts where I can just dictate to my phone (like I am doing right now) with cell phone photos to accompany the post but hey it’s something. This post will be a brain dump of sorts but hopefully in the future my posts week be more frequent and a little more coherent.


The many faces of Levi!

So where are we… Believe it or not today Levi is four weeks old.  He’s been here for 28 days… can’t believe it! Matt is back at work. And were just taking things day by day. I had a little bit of a breakdown right before Matt went back to work (at 3 weeks) but we got through it and things seem to be going well now.


My recovery is going well. We have lots of doctors appointments and also parent group activities that Levi and I attend weekly. I really like the structure of getting out of the house at least once a day. My mom tries to stop by on her lunch break every so often and my girlfriends try to visit every week or so. On weekends we try to get out and do things like go to the zoo, run errands, or take a walk.


I am getting more confident with the Moby and the ring sling, necessary because we didn’t get an infant car seat so baby wearing is essential when we are out and about. We also have fallen in love with our uppababy Vista stroller. Matt completely understand my obsession insistence that we get this stroller. Vindication!


The Moby


The Sakura Bloom ring sling

Levi’s been growing like a weed. He is 11 pounds, and has been averaging just under a pound of gain a week. He has developed some delish rolls and chub, much to my delight. He seems to like tummy time and his neck control is pretty impressive.


The kitties have accepted the new addition, although Hugo likes to wait until I am feeding Levi to act up, knowing it is hard for me to discipline him with a baby attached to me. As I am typing this he has jumped on the changing table then into the crib (which is currently holding boxes to prevent him from getting in there… ugh) and knocked a bunch of stuff off the desk. Seriously Hugo? He also has taken to trying to get in my lap while nursing. Fun times.


On the subject of who he looks like (cause really, people, myself included,love to discuss that) there is no denying that he looks like Matt. The dark hair, and upper lip are me though. Mom and I also see my brother in him from time to time. I tried to pull together some collages to compare. Admittedly I didn’t have any newborn photos of myself handy (second child syndrome) but you can get the picture.







Well that’s about it for now. Looking forward to posting more.

How were the first 4 weeks with your little one? Sage advice for a mommy in the trenches?



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2 responses to “Greetings from the Trenches

  1. Chelsea Carey

    You’re doing GREAT Amy!! Can’t wait to meet him! Let me know when you’re up for a visit, I can come solo if you prefer, it might be too much with my active 4 year old 😉

  2. anniegurumi

    Yay! I’m so glad you updated! OMG I feel like I wrote this myself. Going through the same things twinster! Xo

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