Belated 40 Weeks!

Well, I am greatly overdue for my 40 week updated because I have been busy caring for a newborn.40weeks

We welcomed Levi James on May 14th, just 4 days shy of his estimated due date.  He weighed in at 8 lbs even and measure 20.5 inches.  They journey to “Hello” was long- 46 hours from contractions starting to delivery. My water broke just 6.5 hours into the journey and I labored at home for 12 hours before going to the birth center where I labored for another 24 hours before transferring to the hospital.  Once I started pushing he was out within the hour. 20130514174539316

The birth journey was epic, empowering, and so wonderful.  A lot happened and we are processing it all. A detailed birth story will be some time coming but know that it was everything I had hoped for.  I have a lot to say but as you can imagine not a lot of hours in the day to write it all out.  For now enjoy a whole slew of photos from day 1 through day 15.
IMG_1041 - Version 2

Daddy’s boy!IMG_1044

First visit with GrandmaCameraZOOM-20130523153306735


Hugo checks out the hairless kittenIMG_1046

lazy days catching up on sleepIMG_20130518_154835

His legs were so skinny! They have since chunked up. He also has daddy’s feetIMG_20130519_123430

Our trips out of the house have been few and far between because I am having a challenging recovery IMG_20130520_161837

Levi is a champion sleeper.IMG_20130521_140655


We love the Moby wrap- Levi is sleeping in it while I type!


Aunt Sarah says all my photos are with my eyes closed.  Look at my pretty blues (for now)!CameraZOOM-20130527173430195

The kitties have finally accepted that the hairless kitty is here to stay. Family nap time.IMG_20130528_135246

We waited 2 weeks for a bath. look at those rolls!PhotoGrid_1369799566937We also started using cloth diapers in the second week <3.

If you need a fix of cute baby pictures I update frequently on Instagram… ParkerHausRoles.

Well I am off to feed a hungry baby.




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5 responses to “Belated 40 Weeks!

  1. Alice

    I’m a long time lurker, and I’ve been waiting to hear this wonderful news! Congratulations! What a beautiful baby, and I love his name.

  2. Congratulations on Levi’s arrival! He’s precious!

  3. congratulations! he’s absolutely beautiful.

  4. Woo!!! Congratulations!! He’s so cute!

  5. Belated congratulations!! Levi is precious!

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