Blobby’s Nursery/Office

When Matt and I first discussed having a combination office/nursery for our baby he had trouble envisioning how everything would fit and how the space would work.  I tried drawing my ideas out for him but he still had a bit of trouble seeing my vision.  There were times when I wasn’t sure that it would all come together either but I am happy to say in the end it worked out fabulously.


This is the view as you enter the room.  The Nursery takes up most of the room with a small office space to the right.robot_canvas-imp

And the view looking back at the door.  We opted for the space (and wallet) friendly IKEA Poang rocker instead of a glider.  We repurposed a small rustic side table to hold some nursing supplies.  The canvas in this space was a zero dollar DIY. We had the canvas from a project we had intentions of doing years ago.  I used my silhouette machine to cut out a robot shape from vinyl and used acrylic paints that I had on hand from wedding crafts.  I painted around the robot and when it was all done peeled off the vinyl to reveal the robot negative.

If the crib looks small that is because it is!  We decided on the Bloom Alma Mini Crib because it is on wheels and fits through doors.  This allows us to put baby in our bedroom for the first few months but also to put him/her to sleep in the office/nursery if we like.  This size crib is much more common in Europe, having huge cribs is kinda an american thing. We hope baby will be comfortable until 18 months or so in this set up.


Next to the crib is our diaper changing station.  We purchased a restaurant utility cart that would fit the ever popular Coshee Changer.  The changing pad is a soft foam that can easily be wiped clean.  The cart is fastened to the wall with safety straps and is really sturdy. I really wanted open storage that would allow easy access to cloth diaper and clothing supplies.  We achieved this with locker styled bins. We were able to make good use of the metal lockers with these magnetic storage bins.  The large bin holds our cloth diaper wipes/ diaper cream/ and diaper wipe spray bottle and the smaller bins hold various personal grooming/health related items.  The Ikea shelf above the changing station keeps extra blankets and extra diaper supplies within reach.


The lockers are perhaps one of my favorite parts of the nursery.  I added clothing rods (dowels in adhesive brackets) to transform the lockers into a closet.  I smile every time I see the tiny baby clothes hanging up!

I also used the Silhouette machine to craft some clothing size tags to help keep the clothes organized. The locker shelves are perfect for storing our various baby carriers and miscellaneous items.  The two red bins on the top store crib sheets and extra swaddles.


Below the window in this room is a small read and play area for baby.  We already have so many books for baby!  The book sling keeps many books handy and eventually accessible to baby.  The red canvas cube holds a majority of the books.


So far all of baby’s toys fit in the red tub but I am sure this won’t always be the case.  I added the TOYS label using my Silhouette machine and some white vinyl. The O is a gear shape. I also used the vinyl to create a robot stencil for the white locker bins.  I used the same robot and same blue acrylic paint from the canvas project. I love this little guy an his crooked smile!   The locker bin labels were also made on the silhouette.


A little white vinyl turns this bin into a laundry hamper and I can’t get enough of the felt ball and robot mobile that I created.


The office side of the room uses the same color pallet- Grey, Aqua, and Red. The red locker keeps most of our office supplies out of sight. Also, we freed up a lot of desk space by housing the printer and Silhouette Machine in the closet.  I have to say I really enjoy having the closet serve as craft central and it’s aqua walls make me smile.  I also am really liking the back of the door wrapping paper

Two last details.  The “Best Year Ever” calendar makes me grin and I am so exited to use this handmade diaper tote gifted to me by my friend Amy.  The robot lining makes me smile and the red chevrons match the throw pillows that I had made for the nursery.

I am not the only one enjoying the nursery. Both cats are in LOVE with the rocking chair and rolling around on the robot rug.  Hugo also likes to lay in the changing pad but I am trying to break him of that habit.

The details

Nurse and Sleep

Changing Area




So that in a nutshell is our nursery/office!  Not too far off from our original inspiration board.


Any other small space nurseries out there? Any shared space nurseries? What are your tips and tricks to making the most of the space that you have?



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  1. Love love love it! Your baby is lucky to have such cool parents, all the robots are so cute!

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