Happy (belated) 1st Birthday Hugo!


The weekend that I was put on bed rest was also the weekend that Hugo turned 1.  Our little guy is officially no longer a kitten and now a cat!  I weighed him this week and he is 20 lbs. Holy cow! Look at the little kitten we brought home last July compared to him now! hugocompare2-imp

This past weekend my midwives relaxed my bed rest a bit.  Meaning I could get out of bed and take some photos of our big boy.  Nap time is decidedly not his favorite time for paparazzi.  Oh well, deal with it birthday boy!

I mentioned that he is 20 lbs.  Here are some more fun facts about our big kitty.

  • He loves fleece and furry blankets. He shoves his nose into the blanket and inhales very deeply. Then he starts purring and kneading the blanket. If the fur is somewhat long he also likes to bite the fur.


  • He loves to chase Cheese.  They are finally getting along better. He is better able to control his impulses to jump on her every time he sees her and she doesn’t hiss at him constantly.  She has started to play with him too- dive bombing him from on top the bed and giving him a chase every now and again.  He is still obsessed with biting her fur though- I think it is related to his blanket fetish.


  • Even though he and Cheese are getting along better he won’t cuddle with us if she is also doing so.  He prefers to have 1:1 time with Matt especially   At night Matt will sometimes go lay downstairs on the couch with Hugo. This goes back to his kitten days when we didn’t let him sleep in our room yet and Matt would hang out with him until he fell asleep.


  • Hugo loves the bathroom.  He loves to eat toilet paper so he isn’t allowed in the bathrooms unsupervised. But if one of us is in the bathroom he HAS to be in there too.  He lays at your feet while you are on the toilet and sometimes jumps up on your lap (awkward!).  He lies on the bath mat while you shower and recently loves to go lay in a dry shower or bathtub.  He also likes to hide behind the shower curtain and attack you from behind it.



  • While he has a personality of his own he does have a lot of similar personality traits as our dear departed Cassanova. So much so that both Matt and I sometimes slip up and call his Cass.  I can’t believe we lucked out and got such an awesome cat after losing Cass.  

Happy Birthday Hugo! We are so happy that you are part of our family.  Hoping the next new addition to the family doesn’t stress you out too much!




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One response to “Happy (belated) 1st Birthday Hugo!

  1. Sarah

    The T-Man says, “Meep, dude! Happy Birthday…..”

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