35 Weeks!


How Far Along:

 35 weeks!

Size of baby: Baby is the size of a coconut- well, to be specific baby is as heavy as a coconut- almost 6 lbs.


Random & Interesting Developmental Stuff: Baby’s hearing is fully developed and baby is fattening up.

Total Weight Gain: 34 lbs

Sleep: After enjoying great sleep all pregnancy I’ve started to experience more difficulty sleeping. In addition to my pregnancy pillow I am now stuffing 3 additional pillows around me in an effort to find comfort. I am flipping sides numerous times during the night and it is comical- like making a barge turn.

Symptoms: Add reflux to the list. I also was having a lot of swelling in my feet and ankles. My husband so loving pointed out that my feet looked like bread dough that was rising. I was down to only being able to fit my feet in my Ugg slippers and flip-flops. After a meeting with my midwife she decided that it was best if I work from home the rest of my pregnancy. Thankfully work agreed. She prescribed foot elevation with breaks every 20 minutes, sitting on my birth ball for stretches during the day, walking in the pool, compression socks, and lots of water. After a week of working from home and following her prescription I am happy to say that I can see that bones in my ankle again! So much more comfortable!

Cravings: None really, maybe sweets- I have a stronger sweet tooth as pregnancy goes on.

Movement: HOLY wiggly baby! I don’t know if Blobby all of a sudden “woke up” or my placenta thinned out more but the past 5 weeks have been an explosion of movement. Blobby has flipped which side he/she is laying on a couple of times. At one appointment he/she was laying head down face up (sunny side up) and punching me with a hand on the left side and a hand on the right side. Little bugger. I also finally saw my first foot move across my belly- cool and weird all at the same time.

Maternity Clothes: I actually have been able to wear a few pre-pregnancy maxi dresses as of late.

Milestones: I felt my first hiccups a couple of weeks ago and now feel them pretty frequently. It is the strangest sensation!

What I’m looking forward to: Looking forward to meeting this little person. I would remiss if I didn’t say that I am looking forward to sleeping on my back again and having a nice cold beer all to myself (not just sips off Matt’s beer). There *might* be a growing bomber collection in the fridge that Matt has been building for me with lots of sour beers and other specialty beers that he has been enjoying without me.

The belly: It is still relatively high. Sitting is sometimes tricky as it feels like I am smooshing my belly. Blobby doesn’t tolerate it if my legs press against my belly and if I lean forward in a chair he/she instantly kicks me to let me know that he/she isn’t pleased. If you look at me from the side (photos below) I look huge, but the belly is still really narrow- I’m just carrying this kiddo all out in front!



Sometime in the next 3-7 weeks baby should be making an appearance. EEEE! So excited!

If you have kids, what did you do the last 5 weeks of pregnancy? Any suggestions or words of wisdom?



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