Thursday Thoughts

Some random cell phone photos of what we’ve been up to.20130402133604218-imp

At around 33 weeks my ankle and foot swelling got to the point where my midwife said I needed to work from home so I could try to keep the swelling at bay.  As my loving husband pointed out my feet looked like bread dough that had risen. *sigh* Thankfully my employer was agreeable and I started working from home last friday.  So far it has had a dramatic effect on my swelling so I am very encouraged that we can keep it under control with elevation of my feet, frequent breaks (every 20 minutes), compression socks, and walks in the pool.CameraZOOM-20130316092634488-imp

Matt and I have taken some classes in preparation for Blobby’s arrival.  Above is the baby Matt selected for us (because it was sleeping!) at “Day about baby” which was a day long Saturday class about the basics after birth.  We found out that Matt is much better at swaddling than I am. We also are wrapping up a 7 week series on natural childbirth called Birth Zone .  This course was recommended to us by not only our midwives but also every doula candidate that we interviewed. I cannot recommend this series enough- if you are in the Seattle area and trying for natural childbirth either in or out of the hospital it is a great class. We also took infant CPR and have breastfeeding and Happiest Baby on the Block class coming up in May.  I must say, it is a lot easier for me to schedule a class than to read a book these days.


The birth bags are packed, the nursery is ready, and the car seat is installed!  Last weekend Matt and I installed the car seat and then he took it to be checked out at the hospital car seat clinic.  We only had one thing done incorrectly and the car seat checkers raved about our choice of seat.  On the recommendation of a well-respected mommy friend we purchased the Diono RXT convertible car seat.   For a lot of reasons (many unique to our situation and vehicle)  we decided to forego the infant car seat.  Our Honda Element is one of the few cars that can easily accommodate this seat in the rear facing position. It was meant to be!  I have to say though, it is a little funny to be driving around with an empty car seat. robotpaint-imp

More robots!  I broke out the silhouette this weekend and made a robot stencil using vinyl.  A little aqua acrylic paint and the white locker bins got some decoration!  While I was being crafty I made some labels for the bins too.  Look at me being productive.

Well that was a pretty baby heavy thursday thoughts post! But hey, baby may arrive anywhere from 4-8 weeks from now so we do have baby on the brain as you might imagine.



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  1. You look absolutely beautiful! I love your little belly 🙂 *HUGS*

    I can’t believe we’re in the finally stretch!!!! 🙂 and LOVE LOVE LOVE the robots! xo

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