Renovation Update 3

Spring has arrived!  Here in Seattle we have enjoyed a few beautiful days sprinkled throughout the normal gray and rain.  This time of year I really love the huge window that we have in our bedroom when the flowering plum trees are in bloom!

CameraZOOM-20130331085443235-impEaster day was especially beautiful.  Matt and I enjoyed brunch with my Mom and spent the weekend unpacking out kitchen.  Yep you read that right we finally are wrapped up with our renovation! One of these days I’ll get around to taking some proper photos but for now here are some snapped with my cell phone.


While we were going through the reno it may have seemed like the kitchen was very brown/grey/white- but as you can see we have lots of colorful kitchen accessories which is why we went for a more natural palate.

My Mommy friends (and SIL) like to remind me that we are going to have to figure out something to keep little hands off the kitchen island.  We know, but for now we are enjoying its beauty.


We did a little purging of kitchen utensils. We are so in love with our Joseph Joseph cutting boards that Matt bought me a larger set (and then forgot to give them to me for Christmas- whoops). 20130331162635589-imp

We decided to continue to use the metal strips and magnetic spice containers from our first kitchen organization attempt.  In the renovation the space that was formally our baking cabinet became the beautiful open storage that you see on the right. This meant that we had to make room for baking supplies in the corner cabinet and do a little purging.

A number of people have asked what the horizontal glass and aluminum cabinets were on either side of the sink.  I am in love with our tip-up cabinets which now store our Fiesta ware (pictured above) and our every day drinking glasses. We use the regular cabinets above to store lesser used items- and it’s a good thing- I need a step stool to reach the upper cabinets!


I can say with confidence that the best decision that we made was to purchase a single basin sink (pictured above during the construction phase) that is smaller than the “standard” double kitchen sink (28 inches wide vs 33 inches)- yet feels so much larger. First, it is modern and sexy- yes sexy.  Second, you can fit your big pots and pans easily in it for cleaning. Perhaps most importantly, it allowed us to forego the standard 36 inch wide sink cabinet for a 30 inch wide sink cabinet and bought us 6 or more inches of valuable drawer space.


Our kitchen only has 4 drawers in it so maximizing the space in these drawers is essential! I line the drawers with some inexpensive wrapping paper for a pop of color.  We were also able to accommodate our knives in a wooden block at the back of the silverware drawer.  The bottom drawer (bottom right) is extra deep and was the perfect solution for our glass storage containers and life factory bottles.  These items were previously stored overhead and I frequently had trouble accessing them. Now they are convenient and easy to match tops to containers.


Upstairs in the bedrooms we installed a ceiling fan in the nursery. This is the exact same fan that is installed in our bedroom. (Hampton Bay Bryant sold by Home Depot) What can I say, my husband is in love with this fan.  We *may* have an extra one in the garage just in case.

We also had our new window coverings installed by The Shade Store.  I am in love!  Our HOA has a (dumb) rule that all window coverings visible from the street have to be white.  Matt and I really didn’t want to install white 2 in blinds throughout the house. So I found a way around their rule.  When you opt for the privacy lining on Roman shades from the Shade Store the lining (what is visible from the street) is white. Woot!


We also re-installed our closet system  in the master bedroom- YAY no more living out of suitcases!  I adore our closet which is the (now discontinued) IKEA Broder system (sold in the garage storage area rather than the closet area) because of its industrial look and because it was insanely inexpensive.  I am bummed that it is discontinued- as was a great and affordable option.

It is so nice to have the house back together again.  I even cooked up some meals in the kitchen this week! No more eating out!

*sigh*  I am going to go admire our kitchen now… and enjoy a home cooked dinner.



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