30 Weeks!

30weeksA little late is better than never right?  I can’t believe 30 weeks came and went already.


I’m currently about 30 lbs up from pre-pregnancy. I know some women try to limit weight gain to 15-25 lbs but my midwives are happy with my weight gain and I am pretty chill about it too.


I laugh at my 25 week post where  mention getting tired more easily but doing ok.  I am exhausted!  It doesn’t help that I have been having almost continuous Braxton Hicks contractions (nothing to worry about) which cause my whole uterus to turn rock hard. They are wearing me out!

How is Baby?:

Baby is about 3.5 lbs at the 30 week mark and about 17.5 inches long.  He/She has comfortably been resting head down for a whole month now and is currently in the perfect birthing LOA position .


Just like mommy baby seems to like to prepare well in advance for things!  Lets hope this positioning is here to say.  I have to admit, this baby doesn’t do a lot of big movement in general (or I don’t feel it). Mostly small movement like kicks and punches.  As my belly grows and the placenta covers less area I am starting to feel stronger movement.  Thankfully baby allows me to sleep as the kicks and punches aren’t keeping me up at night.

How is Mommy?:

I am doing well. I was so relieved to pass my 3 hour glucose test.  I failed the first one, which is pretty common.  I have to say though, the second test was something I never want to do again.  Fasting for 12 hours, baseline blood draw, 100 mg of dextrose (aka sugar water), and blood draws every hour for 3 hours.  I was shaky and nauseated for the whole test.  By the time I could finally eat (after 16 hrs of fasting) I snarfed my food down and felt worse. I spent the rest of the day curled up in bed with a pillow. Thank goodness I passed after that ordeal.

All good things have to come to an end. Matt was enjoying the very agreeable wife during the first and second trimester. Weeks 28 and 29 he found himself with a slightly cranky, terse, and quick to get irritated wife.  I blame the sudden exhaustion setting in and my communication style which becomes uber direct when under stress.  He’s reported that I’ve returned to my normal self for the most part but that he expects this side of me to return during labor as the first thing that usually goes for me in stress situations is the ability to formulate coherent sentences to communicated my wishes in a pleasant manner. Oy.


We started our 7 week natural childbirth class a couple weeks ago.  We have a small class, with only 4 other couples, and all of the couples are planning birth center or natural hospital births.  Two of the other couples are using the same midwives and birth center that we are. In the next few weeks we will also be taking “a day about baby”, “infant and child CPR”, “breastfeeding basics”, and “The happiest baby on the block (based on the book)”.

Home Preparations:

All that is left to do is finishing moving things back into the bedrooms and kitchen!  The nursery is 80% there- just a few boxes to unpack.  In the master bedroom we have to re-install our closet system and hang our clothes back up- Woot!.  The kitchen… well everything needs to be moved back in.  We had the whole house deep cleaned last week and it no longer feels like a construction zone!

I know that I am going to blink and it will be 35 weeks already.  Everyone told me that after 20 weeks things would fly by but I didn’t believe them.  Holy moly everything is moving so quickly!




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2 responses to “30 Weeks!

  1. You look great! And 30lbs is nothing, you’re right.. as long as your midwives say it’s fine, it doesn’t matter. Your body is doing what it needs to do for blobby! And might I add… you are still TINY! Look at your gorgeous bump! <3<3<3 So happy you passed the glucose test, it's the home stretch now! 🙂 xo

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