Renovation Update 2

Ahhh! A whole month has gone by since my last post.  I could blame pregnancy but really it has been phase 2 of our renovation.  We are really close to being done, just waiting on one set of window coverings to ship before we schedule installation of our window coverings. In the meantime our bedroom window is covered in white butcher paper and we are partially moved back into our bedroom.   Thanks to Instagram I have some photos of our progress. You know it is bad when you can’t even be bothered to pull out a regular camera and rely on cell phone photos.

It took our painter 4 and a half days to paint the ceilings, walls and closets in our Master bedroom and the Office/Nursery. Most of that time was taping off and carefully painting stripes on 2 of the nursery walls.


We used the same color in both bedrooms- Vintage Grey by Valspar.

We used BEHR’s Bleached Linen (which is used throughout the house) for the ceiling in both rooms, the Master closet, and the stripes in the nursery.

We also used Valspar Sea Breeze in the Nursery/Office Closet.

While these colors were picked out at big box stores,  we took the color sample to Kelly Moore Paint and had them color match it in their Enviro Coat zero VOC paint.


carpetnew-impI am so in love with the carpet!  We purchased Mohawk Carpet Ensemble Berber in Cool Cadence from Flynn’s Carpet Cents.  We absolutely loved our customer service from Flynn’s and would recommend them to anyone in the Puget Sound area. The bullnose on the stairs was extra but it really gives them a finished look.  In the photo on the right you get a peek at our Turquoise closet and the elfa back of door wrapping paper station.

3M Window film

Half of our house faces southwest and in the summer those rooms (Nursery/office and dining room) can become extremely warm.  In addition to the roman shades that we have ordered we also decided to combat the heat with 3M Prestige Series PR50 window film. It is impossible to even tell that there is a film on the windows and we can’t wait for the heat reduction this summer.

Honey Do List

We had a long honey do list that I knew Matt didn’t have time to complete and that I couldn’t do because of pregnancy (anything involving a ladder for example).  So we contracted this out.

  • Install new 3.25 inch baseboard in upstairs
  • Anchor nursery furniture to the wall (lockers, changing cart, etc)
  • Install shelving in Nursery and Master bedroom
  • Replace all the smoke detectors in the house
  • Install ceiling fan in Nursery
  • Replace can lights in kitchen
  • Install new box for light above fireplace

Unfortunately this is where my project management skills fell apart- I didn’t get the contractor out soon enough to do an estimate to get us on the schedule for the timing I wanted (right after the carpet was installed) so we ended up having about a week wait.  In the end none of the lighting things on the list got done. I’m pretty pissed off about the ceiling fan in particular.  I told the gentleman doing the estimate that all the light boxes in the ceiling were a non standard size and they needed to be replaced. I also told him that I knew the boxes weren’t secured enough to hang a ceiling fan from and that we needed to install a conversion kit.  He ignored the information I was giving him and didn’t schedule enough time to do these items. When he started to work on the fan and indeed discovered that I was right he said we would have to schedule the work for another day because he hadn’t allowed enough time.  Color me frustrated.  As of right now we haven’t rescheduled that yet and I think Matt is contemplating working with a different contractor (I should note that this is NOT the contractor we worked with on the kitchen).

Nonetheless, with the baseboard installed we could finally move things into the office/nursery and into our bedroom.




As I mentioned in the last post we had the lockers refinished at Maaco using automotive paint.  I think the Maaco folks thought I was crazy but they look AMAZING!  If you are going to go this route allow for plenty of time for the lockers to off-gas before putting them in their final resting place.  I should note that it is really hard to photograph these lockers because it is automotive paint. In different lighting it can look vastly different.  It is a blueish green color and we are absolutely in love.


I borrowed a rivet gun and attached locker numbers which also happen to be our anniversary date.  Love the small touches.

20130301155010428-impI also installed hanging clothes rods to the inside of the lockers. I used 5/8 inch dowels cut to size with these adhesive curtain rod brackets that I found on Amazon- worked like a charm and only took a matter of minutes to complete.  Eventually I will paint the dowels grey but the natural wood works well for now.  On the left you can see the Ikea Shelf we installed above the changing station.  This shelf used to be in our kitchen above the sink- now it holds blankets and this beautiful bee mobile crocheted for me by my friend Annie.

So this is where we stand.  The nursery side of the room is starting to come together. We still have to move the desk to the office side and complete re-installing our Elfa closet system in the Nursery/Office (and unpack all the boxed up office stuff). In the master we need to re-install the Ikea Closet and unpack all the boxed up closet/bedroom stuff.  We still need to have the  new window coverings (2 inch wood blinds in the kitchen and Roman shades everywhere else) installed and have the contractor complete all the lighting projects.  We have cleaners coming to do a deep clean on Friday and after that we will *slowly* start to move stuff back into the kitchen- finally.  I am pretty confident we can have all of this completed by the end of the month.

It goes without saying- it has been a very busy month.



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  1. Everything looks AMAZING! I love the colors and the furniture you picked. LOVE IT

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