Renovation Update

It is official. We are crazy.

Our kitchen is finally done, and we are not only still living without a working kitchen but now we are also living without bedrooms… or carpet… in approximately 500 sq feet.   In addition to the kitchen renovation we knew that we needed to replace all the carpet in the house.  The carpet was 15 years old and cheap, cheap, cheap.  We also discovered that the builder had left a 3/4 inch gap in the subfloor in the upstairs hallway. I discovered the gap when my high heel sunk down a good inch or so when I stepped on that spot. Awesome. So that needed to be repaired too. We also wanted to paint the bedrooms, replace all the window coverings, change out the baseboard, and install a new ceiling fan in the office.  So, instead of moving back into our newly renovated kitchen we decided it would be easier to move out of the bedrooms and move everything back in when it was all completed (estimated about 2 weeks time).

Just a quick little video tour of our space.

Moving out was a pain in the butt. We underestimated the amount of time it would take and ended up working until Midnight (on a week night) to finish it up in time for the carpet guys to tear out the carpet the next day.  We wouldn’t have been able to do it without the help of our dear friend Jay- who likely never wants to carry something up or down our stairs again.



Our bed in the living room.



Dressers in the dining room!


Finished Kitchen! (with an office in it- lol).

But when I think about the nice new carpet, nice window coverings and the pretty paint for the walls I get excited.

Beautiful grey berber carpet!  The fabric swatches are for the roman shades going in the master bedroom (right) and nursery/office (left)IMG_20130211_113758-imp

Office/nursery colors! We picked the Vintage Grey (top right) and Sea Breeze (Bottom Right) for both rooms.  The nursery will also have lots of red accents. IMG_20130209_111817-imp

Our lockers are finally getting refurnished and painted! The green/blue sparkly paint is actually automotive paint from Maaco.  I cannot wait to get these back and outfit them with hanging rods for baby clothes!


IMG_20130209_132438 (1)-imp

We also figured out our baby changing station.  This restaurant utility cart will be strapped to the wall (for safety) and the bins will house our cloth diaper supplies and baby odds and ends (socks, onesies, etc).

Paint is going on the walls (and ceiling) as I type and I am hoping to schedule carpet installation for next Wednesday.  Windows coverings should be arriving in a couple of weeks.

Needless to say my nesting instincts are in full force!




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3 responses to “Renovation Update

  1. I absolutely love the kitchen!!! The tile is so gorgeous. 🙂 I can’t wait to see everything finished!!! xoxo

  2. The kitchen is so gorgeous! And I can’t wait to see the new carpeting in place, I love the grey color you chose!

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