Baby Update: 25 Weeks!

Can you believe week 25 is here already?

Wow! Its crazy to see my belly grow!

Weight gain: I’m hovering around 19-20 lbs total at the moment.

The Belly: It is officially getting in the way of things now.  I unknowingly turned the gas stove on at our friends house with my belly over the weekend- whoops.  Bending over to put on shoes is starting to get uncomfortable (like trying to bend around a hard basketball. Matt has threatened to buy me velcro shoes for the few times I have asked him to tie mine. I am thinking I may need to invest in a comfy pair of slip on shoes.

Energy: I’m starting to get tired more easily but overall still have that great 2nd trimester energy.

Sleep: Just a few weeks ago I was sleeping really well! Now it is a little more difficult. I can’t sleep on my back anymore (boo) and the baby seems to prefer when I lay on my right side and doesn’t like when I lay on my left side. Either way, turning over in bed is a chore which is usually accompanied by lots of grunting and deep sighs.

Baby: Blobby should be around 2 lbs now.  At our last ultrasound he/she was measuring ahead 2 weeks and at that time was estimated at 1 lb 10 ounces.  Not to worry though, there is a 4 ounce margin of error. So we are either having a normal sized baby or a slightly larger (but still normal) sized baby. I’m feeling more movement, although still much less because I have an anterior placenta. Matt hasn’t been able to feel any of the kicks yet, which feel like air bubbles to me.

Home Preparation: We are currently in the midst of a big home remodel. The kitchen is almost done (fingers crossed for friday). Next up is new carpet on the stairs, hallway, and bedrooms and new paint for the bedrooms. After that we are adding solar film to the West facing windows (baby’s room and the dining room) to help control heat.  Finally we will be installing new window coverings throughout the house. With the exception of the kitchen (where we will have 2″ wood blinds) we are doing Roman shades throughout.  It feels good to have everything in the works- hoping in 4 weeks time everything is finished so we can put the nursery/office together!

Parent Preparation: When I announced this weekend 25 weeks down, 15 weeks to go it all of a sudden felt a lot more real.  A couple weeks ago we attended a cloth diapering class.  It was very helpful to see all the different types and brands in person and to ask some basic logistic questions that we were trying to figure out.  We feel pretty confident in the plan we have developed.  Also, Matt and I are digging into some childbirth and early parenting books. Our 7 week childbirth classes start in March

So in sum, at 25 weeks I’m still feeling great, loving my belly, and very excited to get our house in order for baby. Maybe by the next update at 30 weeks I will have the nursery finished!




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4 responses to “Baby Update: 25 Weeks!

  1. You look fabulous, as usual! 🙂 XO

  2. You look great! Love your cute belly pics. Mine are less cute…probably because I’m only taking them on the phone and not trying very hard. haha. Oh well, they’re just for me anyway. I’ve given up on shoes with laces too, and I’m five weeks or so behind you! Slip ons are definitely my friend. Hope you continue to feel great, and can’t wait to see your kitchen!

  3. you look great! We’re considering a nursery/office as well. But I’m worried that we won’t actually use it as an office because of sleeping baby and such. have you figured out those details yet?

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