Kitchen Progress Week 1

If you subscribe to my FB feed you have been barraged with my daily kitchen progress photos. I can’t help it, we rush home every day to see what else has been completed and each day we fall more in love with the finished product.


Before it all started last week we had to pack up the whole kitchen and clean out space in our garage for the contractors to work.  I didn’t expect it to take as long as it did (Saturday, Sunday, and Monday) mostly because I didn’t account for the fact that pregnancy makes you much slower. You tire more easily and have to rest more frequently.  I took a vacation day on Monday to finish packing the kitchen and was exhausted when done.


Day 1: They completed all the Demo. Crazy how big the space looks without any appliances or cabinets. Wondering where the appliances went? To our dining room. It’s quite cluttered in there now!


Day 2: Most of the flooring was laid on day 2. OMG do we love the floor. We have maple in the rest of the main level but we knew that it would be really hard to match it so we went for a totally different finish and wider boards. The base wood is maple so the undertones are the same. We also had them lay it perpendicular to the way the living/dining room floor is laid.


Day 3: The bottom cabinets go in and finishing touches are done on the floor.


Day 4: The first bit of the upper cabinets went in with the exception of a tip-up, an appliance garage that sits on the countertop in the corner by the fridge and the fridge surround/cabinets above the fridge.


Day 5: The rest of the upper cabinets go in and we discovered that the second tip-up is not the size we ordered. Que panic on my part! Thankfully our cabinet guy is awesome and is expediting a new one to be made for us.


Day 6:

Today we came home to handles on the cabinets and lots of the trim pieces in. When I got home they had the kitchen sink laid in place so the counter guy could make a template. OMG the sink is beautiful! I was sad when the counter guy took it with him. LOL.


My Sis-in Law was curious about the cabinets in the corner next to the fridge. On the countertop will be an appliance garage. Above it are two square open shelves. The top shelf is missing because we will be creating a faux soffit at the top first. The bottom cabinet is a deep one. We will have a shelving unit that spins out to utilize the space better. Hugo can’t resist photo bombing.


Progress is going to be slowing down from here on out. We have to wait on the countertops which will likely take 4-5 working days to come in.  The guys said they will move our appliances back in tomorrow so we will have our dining room back but we won’t have a sink or dishwasher.  I’ll take what we can get.  As soon as the counter is in we’ll have sink and dishwasher again but may have to wait a little while for the back-splash as one of the tiles we picked out is so new that the tile company didn’t have any inventory yet. They are making our tile now!

I can’t complain- things are really rolling! Not to shabby for 6 days of work!




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4 responses to “Kitchen Progress Week 1

  1. It’s looking amazing!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D:D

  2. Cool…I still “need” you to give me a virtual tour when it is all done though…I see where the cabinets fit by the fridge and I “hear” how they work…but I’m not totally getting it 🙂 I see a Skype session in our future 🙂

  3. Cheryl

    I enjoyed reading your experiences! Just happens that we are considering the exact cabinet combination for our upcoming kitchen renovation. I love the texture and crisp appearance of the cabinets but wonder if I will tire of them. Are you still loving your kitchen? It looks amazing.

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