Friday Fun: Guess Blobby’s Gender

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So for a little late Friday fun. Even though we decided to wait until Blobby is born to find out if we have a he or a she,  I thought it would be fun to do a guess poll.  I’ll post some of the common Old Wives tales and how we stocked up. You let me know if you think Blobby is a he or a she.


  • Carrying high= Pink
  • Carrying low = Blue
  • BLUE

Heart beat

  • > 140 beats per minute =Pink
  • Below 140 = Blue
  • PINK: 148

Sweet or Salty

  • Craving sweets = Pink.
  • Craving salty or sour stuff=Blue
  • GREEN: I am craving sweets more than normal but not a lot, Also craving salty

Mayans Old Wives tale: mother’s age at conception and the year of conception.

  • Both Odd=Pink
  • One Even one Odd=Blue
  • BLUE

Body Changes

  • Blemishes=Pink
  • Dry hands/Cold Feet=Blue
  • GREEN: I’ve gotten more blemishes in the 2nd trimester but I also have cold feet and dry hands. OMG the dry hands.

Morning Sickness

  • A lot of morning sickness= Pink
  • Mild morning sickness Blue
  • BLUE

Chinese Gender Predictor:

  • PINK

And of course here is the requisite bump photo from 19 or 20 weeks (I can’t remember).


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by | January 11, 2013 · 5:08 pm

One response to “Friday Fun: Guess Blobby’s Gender

  1. anniegurumi

    My brain says boy but my heart says girl! So I’m going to go with girl, hahaha even though the facts seem like it’s a boy!!!

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