Merry Christmas!

Levi 6 months -4 - Version 2

This past year has brought us many blessings, the biggest of course is the addition of Levi to the family.  Born May 14th at 8 lbs even Levi has brought us much joy from day one.  Matt too 3 weeks of paternity leave and Amy stayed home for 4 whole months with Levi.  Going back to work was relatively pain-free thanks in major part to the wonderful staff at the YMCA daycare that Levi attends. He loves daycare and is smiling when we drop him off and when we  pick him up.

Levi -52

Levi -41

Levi -6

The cats (Hugo and Cheese) are adjusting to life with a baby. At 6 months the cats are Levi’s absolute favorite things. They are a huge motivating factor as he tries to figure out crawling.  Poor kitties when he does get it figured out- because all he wants to do is grab fistfuls of their fur and give them giant bear hugs.

Levi -1

Levi 6 months -59

This year we were blessed to be able to introduce Levi to a large number of family members in the Midwest. Both Matt and Amy’s  midwest family got to meet Levi at just 2 months old.  He traveled like a champ, surviving the plane ride AND a 2 week road-trip that took him from Chicago to Michigan to Ohio to Indiana and back to Chicago again.

In October we met Matt’s parents in Salt Lake City for our 2nd annual weekend trip. We really enjoy exploring a new city every year together and this year Levi joined in the fun.  We visited Park City and the Great Salt Lake.  Levi enjoyed lots of Grandma and Grandpa snuggle time.

Levi -64

Levi 6 months sepia-73

Around the house we completed a kitchen remodel, and replaced the carpeting before Levi was born. More recently we have traded in our less child friendly furniture for some more kid friendly pieces.  We love the new kitchen (especially the new hardwood floors and the beautiful stainless steel sink).

Levi 6 months -77

We celebrated Thanksgiving with Grandma and Granddude (Amy’s parents) and are looking forward to a low key Christmas at home.  On a daily basis we cannot help but thank God for the numerous blessings that he has bestowed on us.  We are so thankful for Levi, for our family- near and far- and for the family that we have chosen for ourselves-our friends.  You make our lives all the more rich.

Hoping you and your family enjoy a beautiful holiday season and a very blessed New Year.  Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah.


All photos by Sarah Sweetman Photography 


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