Baby Update: 20 Weeks!

This is a cross-post from Parker Haus Grows.

Inspired by Aly at Breathe Gently I decided to do a more structured update at the 20 week mark.

How Far Along:

 20 weeks! Half way there!

Size of baby: Baby is the size of a cantaloupe!

Random & Interesting Developmental Stuff: Congratulations-you’re now halfway through your pregnancy. In around 20 weeks’ time, you’ll be a mom. Although your baby may be sucking his/her thumb, this is a very complex action that is not fully developed at this stage. For this reason, your baby is as likely to put his/her fingers or toes in his/her mouth as his/her thumb.

Total Weight Gain: 12 lbs

Sleep:  Sleep got a difficult between 17 and 19 weeks and I spent a lot of time flipping from laying on my right side to laying on my left size.  I was also waking up every morning at 2AM and having trouble getting back to sleep. Now around 20 weeks I have figured out a system that works  involving a squishy pillow propped under my belly and I am sleeping through the night again.

Symptoms: Indigestion like nobody’s business. Usually in the evening. Christmas Midnight Mass was particularly difficult.  You know you are pregnant when you carry a large container of TUMS in your purse.  I’ve also started getting blemishes on my skin (bummer) but not too bad. Around 19 weeks I started feeling Braxton Hicks contractions- usually when I haven’t drunk enough water.  Relaxin has wreaked havoc on my already weak hips. I’ve had chronic weak hips since birth but never really did much about it.  At only 17 or 18 weeks I started hobbling like an old lady and waddling like I was carrying a full term baby. This alerted me that I should seek help now before it got worse.  I am working with a physical therapist to strengthen my hip and thigh muscles (thighs so I can labor in various positions more easily) with daily exercises and weekly massage.  Being proactive about this now will hopefully save me later in pregnancy.

Cravings:  None really.  Mom made apple pie and I *may* have eaten all but two pieces but my love of apples isn’t anything new in pregnancy.

Gender: Won’t know until May!  Most people think boy but there are a few girl votes out there.  Perhaps I should do a poll.


Movement: YES!  I felt some side to side movement at about 16 weeks but only once or twice.  Around 18 or 19 weeks I started to get good at predicting where I would find the baby with the doppler because I could feel his/her presence.  In the past week or so I started to feel definite kicks and punches although they are few and far between.  Punching my cervix was a shocking (like electricity) experience that happened just after eating ice cream. Apparently Blobby didn’t like the cold.  I don’t feel the bubbles or popcorn that most people feel because my placenta is positioned on the front of my uterus but I am feeling movement. This morning we took the flashlight and led Blobby from my right side (his/her favorite spot to hang out) all the way to the left side. So much fun!

Maternity Clothes: All the time! Old Navy Maternity is keeping me clothed these days. In addition to my Old Navy leggings and stripped tees I also have been loving some comfy sweaters and cardigans, plus some hand-me-down maternity jeans from a former co-worker.

Milestones:   At 17 weeks my center of gravity officially shifted causing me to fall off a step stool. I am OK, I stopped myself before hitting the ground- just a bruised hip and shin to show for it.  18 weeks 5 days I felt my first distinctive kick or punch.  At 19 weeks we had our Anatomy scan.

What I’m looking forward to: I am enjoying feeling the kicks and movement. I can’t wait until they are strong enough for Matt to feel.

The belly: The belly is starting to get in the way of seeing my feet, tying my shoes, etc.  I am carrying out in front- with not a lot of widening of my hips.  Everyone jokes that baby has nowhere to go but out. Also my belly button has started to flatten out. It’s ubber deep to begin with but has noticeably become more shallow.  I have a belly button ring and after much thought I decided to keep it in. I’ve replaced the metal bar bell with a flexible plastic one that has additional length to accommodate my growing belly and flattening belly button.  I’ll re-evaluate whether or not to take it out later but for now its staying. I’ve had it for more years of my life than I haven’t.


Progress so far

I have to admit I love being pregnant.  It has really agreed with me and despite some problems that might get some people down (bleeding in first trimester, bad back pain in the first tri and very painful hips in the second tri) I am very upbeat and happy.  Yes, I am that annoying pregnant woman who farts sunshine and rainbows.  I can’t help it.  Who knows what the second half of the pregnancy has in store for me but at this point I am in love with being pregnant.



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  1. You look so fantastic Amy!!! 🙂 xxx

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