Anatomy Scan: Team Green

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Today was our anatomy scan. This is typically when expecting parents find out if they are having a boy or a girl, however the real purpose of the scan is to check all of the baby’s vital organs and take lots of measurements. For us, we wanted to make sure that the gender of Blobby didn’t slip out.

I took the day off from work. My Dad flew in from PHX last night and I wanted to spend the day with him before the scan. I kept myself busy by whipping up some name tags that said Team Green- a common phrase among my network of pregnant women to refer to not finding our the gender. For example those who are having a boy are on team blue, those having a girl are on team pink, and those of us who don’t want to know are team green.

You can see we invited my Mom and Dad to join us for the scan. It was so much fun to share that with them. While we waited both told us stories of my brother’s birth (36 hrs and my mom had the urge to push the whole time so she was panting a-la Lamaze for 36 hrs) and my birth (5 hours they left the house at 1AM and Dad was back home at 6:30 cooking breakfast for my uncle and brother). They told me that they did the lamaze classes and the nurses at the hospital said “we don’t know anything about the lamaze stuff so we are just going to stay out of your way” and they did- letting my dad coach my mom through her labor without interruption.


It’s funny- not one person at the hospital knew what team green was. Just goes to show the unique culture that can form in groups that is virtually unknown outside those groups. Either way they all asked us what they meant which gave us the opportunity to mention “we don’t want to know”.


Here I am pre-scan at almost 19 weeks. A couple bits of info before the scan. So far I have only thought I felt blobby a couple times. Both times were very low and a movement sensation across my lower belly. I haven’t felt the popcorn or bubbles sensation but am able to tell where blobby is- left, right, or center. I have been saying lately that I think my placenta is in the front which would prevent me from feeling the acrobatics that Blobby is performing and would explain the blood flow that I hear on the doppler.
All that said, last night I felt my first kick or punch. Blobby doesn’t like the doppler. He/She kicked the doppler as soon as I put it to my belly last night. We heard the kick on the doppler and I felt it- a sharp jab. Hehe- that little stinker. We also know that Blobby has a heart arrhythmia. We have heard it many times on the doppler and on Wednesday the midwife mentioned it too. Arrhythmias are pretty common in the second trimester and usually clear up by the third trimester.

Knowing all this, going in the ultrasound was very relaxed and fun.

Upper left: I call this the thinker pose
Upper right: Profile-I swear the hands are in prayer
Bottom left: nose and lips
Bottom right: two feet! The legs are crossed at the ankles and the feet over lap.

Some fun tid bits:

  • My placenta is in the front, I was right!
  • Blobby started the ultrasound face down sleeping with his/her hands raised in front of his/her face in a boxers stance. At one point he/she raised a fist up in a very “fight the power” fashion. So cute- wish we got a picture of it.
  • Immediately Matt saw the ears from above and exclaimed “he/she has my ears- its OK kid, you will grow into them eventually!
  • Even when sleeping Blobby moved around a lot! Even the tech remarked on it. Just like Dad, Blobby was hard to wake up.
  • Once Blobby woke up and flipped over we could see the profile. We have a family characteristic upper lip- it is a more prominent upper lip. My dad has it. My brother and I have it and my niece and nephew have it too. Blobby totally has it. This makes me smile.
  • Like father like child, Blobby crosses his/her feet at the ankles like my husband did in the womb. Hopefully it doesn’t cause the problems that Matt had- he had leg braces when he was 6 months old to correct a curved leg bone.
  • At the end the tech had us look away while she determined the gender. It is kinda exciting knowing that there is only one person out there who knows if Blobby is a he or a she.
  • Blobby weighs 11 oz and measures about 18cm- someone is getting big!

When the doctor came in she told us that she didn’t see any evidence of the defects that they screen for. The only item of concern was the heart arrhythmia that we already knew about. She wanted me to come in for another scan in a month to check the heart in more detail.

I’ve always found ultrasounds kinda creepy but I loved watching Blobby move around. I declined the 3D ultrasound that they offered (talk about creepy) and declined the video. Maybe at the ultrasound in a month we will have them do a little video, it really was fun to watch him/her move.

After an hour of poking and prodding I am sure Blobby was tuckered out- I sure was but what a great early Christmas gift. So happy my parents got to share the experience with us.



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One response to “Anatomy Scan: Team Green


    I am totally loving all these updates about Blobby. He is so adorable with all those little toes and my goodness, B’s grown so much!

    I love those team green tags, I never knew what it was until I got pregnant. It is really exciting to NOT know the gender. You have a lot more will power than I do. ๐Ÿ™‚

    OOOOOOH! I can’t wait to hear more. And you look FABULOUS mama!!!! FABULOUS! I still think you should do a poll to see what people think Blobby is: female or male. ๐Ÿ™‚

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