Rewind: Traveling Together to Nashville

This year we started a new tradition with Matt’s parents… traveling together! Matt and I suggested it and I am so glad that we did. It’s no secret that Matt’s folks wish we could visit Indiana more often. But our vacation time is limited and needs to be divided among all our family (my dad is in AZ, my brother’s family is in CO, we see all of Matt’s family when we visit IN) not to mention saving a little time for the two of us. We try to get to Indiana once or twice a year. In addition to our regular trips home, we suggested that we meet his parents somewhere that neither of us had been for a long weekend. Adventure, seeing new things, having shared experiences, that is the stuff that builds memories.
Matt and I suggested Nashville for our first trip. It was close enough to his parents that they could drive. They even continued down to the Smokey Mountains after visiting with us and had a nice vacation just the two of them. Matt and I also were interested in Nashville because of its music history. We aren’t country music fans per say, but we do enjoy all types of live music. We rented a 2 bedroom condo in a high-rise close to downtown. It made for a pretty relaxed weekend.

Ryman Auditorium: Our first full day in Nashville we toured the historic Ryman Auditorium. It was great to see the birthplace of country music. I was amazed how many great artists had taken the stage.


I loved the honky-tonks on Broadway, but what I didn’t love was the smoke in the bars. I was 7 or 8 weeks pregnant when we made the trip and my sense of smell was in hyperdrive. I was surprised that smoking was allowed in bars because it has been years since smoking was banned in all public places in Washington. The boot shops, especially the one pictured above were very tempting but I was able to resist purchasing my first pair of cowboy boots.

Our second day there we explored the Grand Ol Opry Hotel. I didn’t realize how huge the hotel was and that it had so many indoor gardens. It kinda reminded us of a less intense Disney Land or Las Vegas. We would love to stay there sometime on a return trip.

That night we had tickets to the Grand Ol Opry. I loved the show, even though there weren’t any artists that I recognized. My in-laws really enjoyed it as well.  I highly recommend it if you are visiting Nashville.

These are the only 4 photos I took in Nashville… sigh. Pregnancy got the best of me and I didn’t take many pictures at all… or I was too busy having fun! Our final day there we visited Belle Meade plantation on the recommendation of Weddingbee reader Cafegirl. We enjoyed a great southern style breakfast before touring the house and grounds. It was a nice relaxing day.

We had so much fun with my in-laws and I am already looking forward to planning a trip in 2013… this time with a little baby in tow! We also asked my Dad and my Mom to both plan long weekend trips with us in 2013. I am very excited for this new tradition.

Do you travel with your parents or in-laws? Any suggestions for good weekend trips with an infant?



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  1. We wantto start taking trips with the hubs parents too! We took one together to Suzhou. That was a lot of fun for us and binding time with the rents.

    You guys are so adorable!

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