My iPad is a Laptop (Brydge)

We are a one computer house at the moment. For two self-proclaimed geeks that can be rough at times.  Our current setup is an iMac desktop computer which I love and truthfully was purchased with me in mind. We also have an iPad 3. However, Matt doesn’t really like working on the iPad- mainly because of the keyboard. I would love to buy Matt a MacBook Pro for Christmas, but the kitchen remodel has trumped that.  (oh yeah, we are finally getting around to doing kitchen remodel!)  So when we both want to use the computer at the same time (me to blog, Matt to pay bills) I usually grab the iPad and try to make it work.  I’ve tried using the Mac bluetooth keyboard with varied success but would prefer an integrated solution.

I just about jumped out of my seat while on a flight to Indiana this summer. In the Delta magazine I saw an advertisement for Brydge.  Brydge is a bluetooth integrated keyboard that would turn your iPad into a laptop. Ohhh.. this looked tempting! I preordered The Brydge + (with speakers) for a about $200 hundred dollars and waited patiently for it to ship. It arrived earlier this week and I am so pleased.


As you can see the Brydge is the lower half of a laptop with hinges. brydge-imp


Simply snap the ipad into the hinges, pair the Bluetooth and voila! – you have a laptop!IMG_0797-impSo even though I have the iMac to myself today I think I will blog on my new iPad laptop!

So while a new MacBook Pro isn’t in the budget right now I am loving that my iPad looks like a baby MacBook.  Oh and back of my ipad looked a little plain so I whipped up some PacMac themed decorations in Vinyl on the Silhouette. *squee*

Do you use an external keyboard for your iPad? 





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2 responses to “My iPad is a Laptop (Brydge)

  1. nieniekay

    That’s wonderful!!!! I find it difficult to type on the iPad as well so this is a nice solution.

    Maybe I’ll ask for it on my wishlist. 🙂

  2. I think this is fantastic! I rarely use our iPad because it’s just so annoying to do anything beyond basic surfing on it – this would definitely encourage me to use it more!

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