Hugo: 7 Month Old Tyrant

Yep, our cute cuddly kitten is now 7 months old and is HUGE!

At 3 months Hugo fit on my lap…


and at 7 months he is a giant!




Weighs a solid 12 lbs

12 inches tall (standing)

14 inch long tail

3 feet from nose to tail

Cue googling “how long do kittens grow” and “how big will my cat be?”.  Sources vary but almost everyone agrees that cats grow up to the first year and some grow even longer up to 3 years. *Blink… blink*  I’m getting a little concerned that Hugo is going to be a giant cat.
Just look at his feet. His hind legs are as long as my hand.


Hugo and Cheese “share the house” and by share  I mean Hugo is a tyrant and chases Cheese around and Cheese hisses a whole lot and puts up a stink.  He wants to play with her so bad but she wants nothing to do with him.  He’s almost twice her size now.  She lost a pound in the last couple months (weighing in now just under 7 lbs) because he makes her run around the house and he harasses her when she tries to eat. Her big round belly is gone but she isn’t “underweight” for her frame. The vet isn’t concerned but  I’d like to see her gain a half pound back.  So we’ve started to put her in our bedroom with food and water during the day so she can eat in peace and quiet.

cheese-impThey do co-exist well some of the time, sharing our bed at night without too much commotion and relaxing during the day in close proximity. But Hugo is obsessed with trying to bite her fluffy fur and tail. *sigh*  She needs to bite him hard (she doesn’t have claws) to teach him a lesson.  Both kitties seem to know something is different with me. They love to lay on my belly and I am sure that I smell different now.  Just wait until May kitties! Life is going to change a whole lot then!

Anyone have a kitten who was 12 lbs by 7 months? How big did it get?  Any tips for helping Hugo calm down when he is around Cheese and get him to stop harassing her?




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3 responses to “Hugo: 7 Month Old Tyrant

  1. Our kitties are freaking giants too! One first reached 12 lbs about 9 months and now at about 1.5 years she is still 12 lbs. Maybe Hugo will stay large and in charge but healthy too!

  2. Ha! I had to look back at some blogs from around that time and I think Ollie hit 12 pounds around 10 months to 1 year. He definitely continued to grow through the first year, but I haven’t measured him recently. Now I’m really curious! Hugo is adorable and I love big kitties!

  3. nieniekay

    Hugo looks so cute!!!! (Not to mention you my dear!!!!) 🙂

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