15 Weeks!


The good news is my nausea disappeared around 11 or 12 weeks. The bad news is that I became MORE tired around that time too.  WTH? I thought the first Tri was the time of exhaustion and the second was renewed energy. My body had it backwards. My energy levels were pretty good in the first tri but I am oh.so.tired in the second tri.  On the positive side, I also lost a lot of bloating. My belly is smaller and more defined than at 10 weeks.  It feels a lot more normal without all that excess bloating.

The relaxin hormone has wreaked havoc on my hips and back.  I was surprised that I got back pain so quickly.  It took a while and lots of complimentary therapies (chiropractor and massage) but my back is starting to improve. My back was especially uncomfortable while sleeping so I picked up a twin sized egg crate mattress topper and a pregnancy pillow.  The giant C shaped pillow has been a blessing and really helped allow me to sleep (mostly) through the night.

We announced to friends and family just shy of 12 weeks with a clever Halloween photo.  On FB we didn’t say much with the photo except “Happy Halloween from us”. Some people figured it out others didn’t see it or catch on until I began to openly refer to pregnancy in random status updates.  We were perfectly fine letting people figure it out on their own.

In the weeks since my 10 week update we’ve had 2 midwife appointments. At the first appointment I got to hear the heartbeat for the first time. Matt couldn’t join me because of work but last week he heard it at our second appointment.  There are 4 midwives at our practice and we rotate our appointments with the different midwives so that we are comfortable with all of them.  I’m already ahead of the game since Dr S is one of the midwives.  I’ve met two others and my December appointment will be with the last one for me to meet.  So far I like everyone., although I did click with the midwife who did my first appointment more than the one who did the second appointment.  One thing I like about the midwife practice is that I am responsible for some of my appointment tasks. For example I weigh myself at home and tell them my weight. I also do a urine dip stick when I frist arrive to measure protein and sugar in my urine. I am responsible for telling them my results.   I feel like it makes me more accountable for my weight and my blood sugar.  At my 14 week appointment I had extremely elevated blood sugar.  I had eaten horribly that day (ate breakfast really late, had mostly carbs and sugar and didn’t eat lunch before my 2:00 appointment- whoops!  I have found that my eating habits have been horrible since the nausea lifted.  I often forget to eat until I am starving. My poor results on my test strip kicked my but in gear. If I want to deliver at the birth center I cannot develop gestational diabetes.  My midwives suggested eating protein first- especially at breakfast.  I have really been trying.

We have our anatomy scan on December 21st.  This will be our first scan where blobby will look like a baby and not a blob. We declined the 12 week NT scan- something I will talk about in a separate post.  The anatomy scan is a very comprehensive ultrasound where they check out all of Blobby’s organs and body parts.  Usually this is where people find out if they are having a boy or a girl, Matt and I however will be wearing giant name tags that say “We don’t want to know the gender”.  This means that there will be portions of the ultrasound where we have to look away to avoid seeing (or not seeing) various body parts.

I have a coworker who always asks me what the baby is a size of this week.  I don’t really follow the baby in comparison the fruit info much but I did look it up for week 15 and blobby is the size of an orange, approximately 4 inches from crown to rump.  Earlier this week I felt the baby for the first time.  Matt and I had been poking my belly a bunch when I started to feel something moving horizontally across my belly. It lasted for 5 or more minutes. I don’t think our orange sized blobby liked all that poking!  In other milestones I believe blobby can hear us now.  Ear development is mostly complete. Just in time for a few great concerts coming up in the month of December!

I am sure I am forgetting something of note.  Pregnancy amnesia has kick in full force.  The baby has already eaten my brain.  Can’t wait to check back at 20 weeks.


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  1. how exciting! that’s cool that how involved the mom is in the appointments. glad you are feeling better and that you are finding ways to relieve back discomfort.

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