And So We Grow


As you likely figured out from my Halloween post the Parker Haus is growing.  We are expecting our first baby sometime during the month of May and we are over the moon.  I am currently 14 weeks and some change…just at the beginning of my 2nd trimester.  Nausea is all gone but I am exhausted, perhaps more now than in the first tri.  I am lucky if I stay awake after work long enough to eat dinner. My poor husband doesn’t get to see much of me, except when I am sleeping. Hoping the exhaustion lifts soon.

Over a year ago I started a second blog.  A little space to document our journey to grow our family.  We didn’t know where or how long our journey would take us.  You might have noticed a new menu item at the top of  Parker Haus Roles.

newmenuitemClick “We Grow” to open Parker Haus Grows or you can also go to


You can subscribe to Parker Haus Grows just like you subscribe here. Some posts I will cross-post on both blogs (the every 5 week updates, for example) and others will only appear here or there.  Below I have linked to some key posts if you would like to get caught up. Please feel free to read if you are interested but don’t feel obligated.

Getting Pregnant (Low Thyroid/Low Progesterone)


Parker Haus Grows was my safe place during a pretty emotional year of TTC (trying to conceive).  Many of the posts are really geared towards the TTC reader and some contain information that friends IRL might not care to read about (for example, cervical mucus… really). Going forward it will continue to be a place where I share pregnancy related things that I wouldn’t normally share on Parker Haus Roles- things that not everyone would really care about, for example, cloth diapering or choosing what tests to do during pregnancy.

Oh, we have a nickname for our Parker Haus Baby… we call him/her Blobby and sometimes Mini-Pretzel but mostly Blobby.  Blobby doesn’t look like a blob anymore but the name kinda stuck.

We are so thankful for both the struggle to conceive (yes the struggle!) and our little Blobby.  Speaking of being thankful I recently made these cards to thank the Staff at my company’s Leadership Center and my co-worker M for their help in the “Blobby is a Drama Queen” situation.

IMG_0729 (1)-imp

IMG_0727 (1)-imp

I hope everyone is enjoying Thanksgiving.

What are you thankful for this year?


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  1. So happy for you hon!!! You look amazing and beautiful, as usual but even more so now. 🙂 ❤ Can't wait to follow your journey my dear!

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