October Photo A Day Challenge 21-30

Previous posts include days 1-6 and 7-20.

Day 21: Air… Hugo plays in the empty laundry basket and it looks like these are air holes.

Day 22: bokeh… nom, nom, nom (Faux bokeh created with the AfterFocus App on Android)

Day 23: dark… Jubelale on draft

Day 24: black and white… dried flowers on the mantel.

Day 25: bright… Hugo checks out my bright new Nike Free shoes.

Day 26: New… My shiny new desk fan… what a life saver… My new office is stuffy!

Day 27: old… french necklace given to me 18 years ago by Laurelia.

Day 28: hard… driving to work in the rain and in the dark #Iwannabeinbed

Day 29: hope… quite literally from black raven brewing in Redmond wa.  #notpolitical

Day 30: Goal… getting back into knitting

One more day to go!  I’ve really enjoyed challenging myself using Instagram. October has certainly flown by!


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One response to “October Photo A Day Challenge 21-30

  1. Jesse

    loved it 🙂

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