October Photo A Day Challenge: Days 7-20

Day 7: From a distance… Lego Jeep

Day 8: Up Close… my desk “mates”

Day 9: Upside Down… water glasses at Capri Italian Restaurant

Day 10: Favorite… Sushi is my favorite, even in magnet form

Day 11: From Up High… a day late but appropriate photo from our flight from Atlanta to Nashville

Day 12: Hands… holding hands is my favorite

Day 13: Seat… A seat at Nashville’s famous Ryman Auditorium.

Day 14: Silhouette… love this machine and my little photo bomber

Day 15: Accomplishment: I am stealing your toilet papers!

Day Edible: Cherry tomatoes with kosher salt

Day 17: Shadow

Day 18: Corner… of the bar watching the Seahawks

Day 19: Noise… beautiful noise courtesy of Pandora (and Foster the People)

Day 20: Nature…

Our weekend trip to Nashville really threw off my photos and a number of these were taken out-of-order or late.  Only 11 more days to go!

I think day 7 is my favorite from this series. How about you? Which one is your favorite?



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3 responses to “October Photo A Day Challenge: Days 7-20

  1. All your photos are really sweet. My favourite is “from a distance”. I also like the cherry tomatoes; something about photos of food…

  2. Day 15 (accomplishment) is my favorite concept and day 17 (shadow) is my favorite photo. I really like your first one and the seat one too. Great photos.

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