October Photo A Day Challenge 1-6

At work they encourage us to put non-work goals on our personal development plans and I made a couple goals for myself regarding photography. One goal was to participate in a photo a day month and fellow Weddingbee Alumni Our Wired Lives gave me a great opportunity.

I am not going to blog every day, rather I’ll post the photos for the previous week on the weekend. I decided to use this challenge as a way to start using Instagram- so all my photos will be Instagram photos. So far I am actually finding it a little more challenging than using a traditional camera. The square aspect ratio means I have to re-think how I frame my photos.  I am Parkerhausroles on Instagram if you would like to follow.

::Day 1-Self-Portrait::


Stuck in bed

::Day 2-Fashion::

Fancy jammie pants for day 2 stuck in bed

::Day 3-Home::

Phone, Keys, Wallet

::Day 4-Love::

Love is your husband putting a lunch bag together with snacks and drinks (complete with cooler pack) by your bedside when you are stuck in bed

::Day 5- Sunset::

Sunset on the flight line

::Day 6: Animal(s)::

our Cheese getting snuggles

a cat and his puff

This week was an interesting week to start this challenge, as I was stuck home in bed for the first 4 days of the challenge. I am back upright and have joined society again- whew- so the photos “should” be getting a little more interesting.



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3 responses to “October Photo A Day Challenge 1-6

  1. coastinganon

    I have such a hard time when taking pics for Instagram that I’m not taking (for a variety of reasons) through the app itself because of what you mentioned. So glad I’m not the only one.

  2. OMG.. that is the sweetest! Bravo to hubs for taking care of your when you’re sick. Really great photos for being sick and all. You rock.

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