Feeling “Crabby”

Seattle is Dungeness crab country and one of the things I am sad to say I hadn’t tried is crabbing- until recently.  I love fishing, and from what I could gather crabbing is similar. There is a lot of waiting around and a bit of a thrill when you catch something.  Our friends H & T have been going crabbing for a couple of summers now. In-fact H’s step-son told Matt and I all about how to catch crabs.  So we decided to ask H&T to tag along one crabbing adventure.

We decided to crab at a location close to home, even though we knew that we would have better luck further away. Matt and I picked up licences and brought a couple of cans of tuna at H’s request.



T baited their traps with chicken legs (left out in the sun to get all aromatic) and tuna.



We tossed the traps in off the dock and waited.  Every so often we would pull up the traps to check them.  We caught a lot of females which you have to throw back and a lot of undersized males which also have to go back.  At the end of the day we were empty-handed.  But we had a blast.

crabbing3-impSunshine, good company, and nature- what more could you ask for?  T and H brought their dog and we were visited by a momma seal and her pup. OHMYGOSH they were cute!  Now that we know how it all works (and we have licences) Matt and I are going to invest in a pot (or two) and try our hand at it again (in a better location).  Next time I’ll also remember to bring an extra camera battery- I only got the above 6 shots before the camera died. Whoops!

Have you ever been crabbing before? Tips or tricks for a newbie?



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