Introducing Hugo


“My name is Steve Martin, but you can call me Hugo for short”


After putting Cassanova to sleep Matt and I began talking about when we might be able to welcome a new kitten to our family.  Matt wanted to wait until the end of the summer, but I felt like it would be best if we had a large amount of time before we took any trips to get a new kitten comfortable with our house and with Cheese- that meant getting one sooner rather than later.  We visited a couple of rescue organizations but didn’t find any kitty connections.  We were looking for a male short-haired cat but not one that was orange or black.  My were there a lot of female kittens and black and orange kitties!  But mostly we were looking for a personality- the kitten that clicked.


After no luck at the shelter, I found a Craigslist posting for kittens. They had one male grey and white kitten named Thor.  We decided to drive straight to the country home where we met him.  Within minutes Matt was telling me that we had to take him.  He was just under 3 lbs and fell asleep in our arms while we talked with the teenage girl who had cared for his litter.


Despite my SIL’s pleas we ditched the name Thor and he became Hugo.


Oh my gosh has he wormed his way into our hearts.  He loves to snuggle and give kitty kisses. He is an amazing soccer player and runs around the house like a Tasmanian devil.


Our 10 yr old kitty Cheese, however, isn’t super thrilled about the new kitten in the house. For a while we kept the two separate, and then slowly introduced them.  There was a lot of hissing in the beginning which has slowly turned into a lot of growling.  In the first couple of introductions she was hissing at him every time he moved in her direction. I was feeding them treats (Yay for being 3 feet apart! Yay for being 2 feet apart!) when she moved forward towards him to get a treat he looked at her with wide eyes and opened his mouth letting out the feeble-ist hiss- more like a “heeee” sound.  He had figured out the game.  Too funny!

She’s tolerating him much more now and only breaks out the growl when he charges her to attack. They even have been known to hang out under the bed together and by “together” I mean in opposite corners or he sneaks up behind her and just lies close to her (she protests by growling under her breath but she doesn’t get up to move).  Really he wants desperately to be her friend and to play with her.  Hopefully she comes around soon.


Look how big he is getting!  So grown up!

Did I mention he has lots of energy? He’s smart to boot!

I was able to get him and cheese both to play with the “bird” toy- progress!

We’ve got some luck with country kitties! Hugo is most definitely a keeper.



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2 responses to “Introducing Hugo

  1. Ahhhh so cute! I’m dyyyying for a kitten right now!

  2. Mina

    welcome little hugo! how cute. i’m sure he and cheese will be best buds in no time.

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