Tuesday tidbits

Long time no blog. I have so much to say since we put Cassanova down in June. Matt and I both want to tell you all about the Cassman and the impact he made on both our lives. This isn’t the post where we’ll do that. Nope this is a post filed with random stuff that I can blog about on my bus ride home.

I am not even irritated that my bus is late… it’s beautiful out! This summer for off to a very slow start and has been very cool in Seattle in general. Yeah the rest of the country is all heatwave and we are barely getting out of the 60s. But today is perfect.


So the weather app on my phone is lying… there is no partly sunny about it. Check out that blue sky!


Yep that is the lovely bus stop by my office, I know you are jealous.

Speaking of my phone… Matt and I avoided losing our unlimited data plans with Verizon by preordering the Galaxy S III. I am in love! Ice cream sandwich is such a great improvement over gingerbread. If only because I can finally take screen shots of my phone.  Matt hasn’t activated his yet… something about rooting it first… I don’t know, he is missing out!


In early July we celebrated 2 years of marriage. We continued our tradition of giving from both the traditional and the modern anniversary guides. We had dinner at La Fontana Siciliana followed by my favorite musical Les Mis. Our seats were amazing and well worth the $.


We have a new edition to the family. He deserves a whole post to himself but I can’t resist sharing a photo of our new kitty Hugo.


Ok, who am I kidding…here are a bunch of Hugo photos.




We took an insanely short trip this weekend to Indiana to meet my newest nephew. As expected he is adorable which seems to be a trend with my nephews.

So the bus is so bumpy today, certainly glad the hubs got Swype beta working on my new phone. If you have a smart phone and don’t Swype you gotta check it out.

Speaking of my commute… after doing this for 6+ months we are not loving it. I love my project, team, manager, hate the commute. It is costing us some additional money (extra gas and bus fare) vs when I worked in the same building as the hubs or when I worked from home. But the largest cost is in time. I lose 13.5 hours a week commuting, Matt loses 4.5 hours a week driving me to/from my carpool and then to his work location. My project is coming to a close in early 2013 and I am already planning to try to find a way to reduce my commute. As you can see with the reduction of time available, blogging has been cut from my regular schedule. I am lucky if the house is clean.

Speaking of house cleaning… when you spend 13+ hrs a week committing, paying someone to do it is the best thing ever. That’s all.

Another thing that had been essential with our new schedule is Amazon Fresh. It is only available in the Seattle metro area for now. I do my weekly grocery shopping from my smart phone on the trip into work.


I can arrange for it to be on my doorstep by the time I get home that day or by three time I wake up the next morning. So easy! They also can deliver select things from regular Amazon with your grocery order. Matt always adds CDs to my bigger than normal grocery orders to get free delivery ($50 minimum order, $100 minimum for free delivery)


I actually like the days I take the bus home instead of carpooling. In addition to getting me out in the city I love so much (the blue trees in Westlake),  it lets me have time to decompress and to blog (like today). I think my carpool buddy would miss her HOV dummy though.

So maybe the lesson is I need to bus it home more than 1x pet week so I can blog more.  Upcoming posts include the aforementioned tribute to Cass, a proper introduction to Hugo, a recent silhouette machine project roundup, and recaps of some of our spring adventures including our annual lobster boil.

And someday I will finish recapping our 2011 Roman adventure. Sigh.


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  1. Glad to see you back, and can’t wait to read the new posts – I’m so sorry about Cassanova

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