Silhouette Spotlight: Last Minute Cards

First a quick Cassanova update:  The little guy stayed at the vet for 3 days/nights.  He came home Wednesday evening.  The diagnosis: A gastrointestinal infection caused him to stop eating and he became anorexic.  We are assist-feeding him through a syringe.  Wednesday night he was happy to be home. He even ate the wet food off my hands instead of having to be force-fed.  He since seems to be doing better but is pretty much pissed off at us all the time. (wouldn’t you be too? He doesn’t feel well and we shove food/pills down his throat).  He has also at times eaten a little bit of dry food on his own but not much and not frequently.    We still have a way to go. Thank you for all of your prayers thus far, praying for a full recovery.

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A couple of months ago I upgraded my beloved Original Silhouette machine to the new Cameo Silhouette Machine because I was interested in the wider cutting space (12″).  I’ve had so much fun with my new Cameo I decided to do a periodic feature Silhouette Spotlight. 

Today Matt and I are attending a BBQ Birthday party for a friend also named Matt.  We don’t usually buy gifts for adult birthdays but I always like to bring a card- and for the past year or so I’ve opted to make the cards myself rather than buy them. I recently finally used the Silhouette’s sketch pens and I am hooked.  I could never address an envelope as well as I can sketch with the Silhouette. Seriously love this!


This apron shaped card with utensils is one of my favorite ones for Dads or men in general.    I actually used the same shape with different patterns and colors for my Father and Father-in-law cards this year.  What is it about men and their grills?

The card shape cost $0.99  from the Silhouette Online Store and I’ve used it 3 times already… not too shabby.  You can cut the shapes out of colored card-stock or patterned scrapbook paper but I am lazy and use the print and cut feature on the Silhouette. The “Happy Birthday” phrase was also $0.99 and I have used it in multiple cards.  I had already purchased the gingham and stripe printable patterns from the online store for $0.79 each and have used them on other projects already.  I am a huge fan of the printable patterns because it means I can cut everything out of one sheet of white cardstock.

The only things that were new purchases were the candles sketch ($0.99) and the sketch letters (four sets at $0.99 each).  I didn’t need to purchase the sketch letters because I could have used the sketch pen with any fonts loaded on my computer but I really liked the look of these and knew I would use them a lot in the future.


There you have it! A last-minute personal birthday card in less than 15 minutes.  My Matt (not to be confused with birthday Matt) and I decided that this year will be a Hallmark free year- I’ve already crafted birthday cards for all of our nieces/nephews, mothers day cards, and fathers day cards.  Can’t wait to find more excuses to craft some last-minute cards!

I’m relatively new to the craft of card making.  Are there any other card makers out there? Any favorite tips, tricks, or tools you can share?


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