Rewind: Back on Skis Again

When Matt and I started planning our vacation for the year it was important for us to “spread the love” around to both sides of our families. This year we are focusing on taking trips with our families- not just visiting them where they live.   Last fall while we were visiting my Dad at the NASCAR races in PHX we received some text messages from my brother and sis-in-law Tig.  They were at a charity auction  and were bidding on a cabin at Breckinridge. They wanted to know if we would join them.  Dad, Matt and I all agreed that is sounded amazing and luckily they won the cabin.

747dash8 026-imp

When we arrived to Denver, Dad picked us up in a rented mini-van. I haven’t skied in 16+ years and Matt recently learned to snowboard so we didn’t have any equipment.  We opted to rent from Carvers Ski Shop in Breck.  I liked that they also rented clothing- which is good because even if I had my (retro) ski clothes from 16 years ago I could guarantee that they wouldn’t fit.


The welcome wagon was in full force when we got to the cabin.  My nephew “The boy” met us at the door.  My brother had taken the kids skiing earlier in the day and they were bouncing off the walls when we arrived.

747dash8 018-imp

We played perhaps the longest game of Muppet Uno in the history of the world.  The Boy and The Girl are very competitive… no idea where they might get that… my brother and I weren’t competitive… no sir-eee.. don’t know what you are talking about.


The next day it was time for business.  My brother has taken The Girl skiing for several years and The Boy has been snowboarding for the past 2 years.  I was really impressed how good they were about carrying their own equipment.  I was a little nervous about not having been on skis for 16 years but as my dad and brother assured me, it was like a day hadn’t passed.  We grew up on the slopes- from the time we were 5 years old until graduating from high school we skied almost every weekend during the season as a family.

747dash8 019-imp

The biggest difference for me was the new style of skis and wearing a helmet. I adjusted quickly to both.


The boy was really showing improvement over the videos I saw of him boarding earlier in the season.  He was doing both front side and back side turns.  He even offered to coach Matt (who can’t turn in both directions yet)… so stinking cute.

747dash8 022-imp

Being out of practice Matt and I required some breaks.

747dash8 033-imp

But we only sat out 1 run. My SIL Tig doesn’t ski, so she keeps base camp, hanging in the sun or by the fire at the lodge and reading.

747dash8 028-imp

By the time lunch rolled around she had staked out a table for us.

747dash8 021-imp



I love having time to just be silly with my niece and nephew.  The Boy decided to call it a day at lunch but the rest of us decided to get a few more runs in.


Seriously couldn’t have asked for a better day weather wise.  The snow was getting sparse this late in the season but it was still great.

747dash8 029-imp


I decided to get some video of Matt boarding and when I got ahead of him I decided to be “fancy” and ski backwards for a bit.  My hot dogging bit me in the butt and I fell (the only time that day).  I guess I deserved that.

747dash8 027-imp

Matt and I have decided to try to make 1-2 ski trips next year, likely in our own backyard at one of the ski resorts in the Cascades. I am shaking my head wondering why I haven’t been skiing in the many years I’ve lived in Washington.

747dash8 031-imp

After skiing we all enjoyed the rest of the afternoon.  My Dad, who the kids call “Granddude” took them down near a brook on the cabin property.  They were giggling when I snuck up behind them.  Apparently Granddude had just said that he bet Aunt Amy would be coming along soon to take a picture of them sitting on the swing.

747dash8 023-imp


747dash8 025-imp

We cooked at lot at the cabin but did enjoy one dinner out on a riverboat restaurant.


Instead of skiing a second day we opted for a relaxed day around town.  Traveling with Granddude means ice cream cones- not that the kids were complaining.

I loved going on vacation with my brother’s family and my Dad.  These are the times when memories are made.  It puts everyone on neutral ground, nobody has to “host” and everyone is free to just enjoy each others company.  When you live far away from your family I really feel like these types of trips are necessary. We’ve already penciled in a trip with them to Disneyland next spring- I can hardly wait.

Do you go on vacation with family? What is your favorite destination? Tips for vacationing together?


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  1. Those pics are so good! We went to Breckenridge a few years back, and we’re just waiting to get the money to go again!
    Looks like you had a great time!

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