Kitchen Plans

Matt and I were very much influenced by the inspiration photos I shared in the last post.  Below is an inspiration board of the products we are looking at using.


1. Love this sink! Vigo Single Basin Stainless Steel Undermount sink.

2. Glass tile: Moda Vetro Single color glass 4″x 8″

3. Moda Vetro Great wall tile in white- the rectangles are different depths and it makes it look like Lego block- the photo doesn’t do it justice

4. Ikea Ringskar faucet with pull-out spout. We purchased this almost 3 years ago and haven’t installed it yet.  whoops!

5. Bellmont Cabinets, 1600 Series Terra in Carbon

6. Seashell Chroma Quartz Counter by Pental

7. Bellmont Cabinets, 1600 Series Terra in Stone

8. Kentwood Originals: Maple Cannon Beach hardwoods

So, how will this all come together?  Steve drafted up some great plans for us.


We didn’t want to try to match our existing hardwoods (maple) and I think the hardwoods we selected with compliment them well.  The planks will be wider and the finish will have the same undertones (also a maple floor).  The island is staying.


We’re doing the same two-tone look as our inspiration photo.  You’ll note that the cabinets go all the way to the soffit. No wasted space on top of the cabinets! We have a lot of accessories with lots of color so I am glad that we are doing a crisp white countertop and white backsplash.  This design doesn’t show it but the cabinets to the right of the microwave will be the same tilt up cabinet below with cabinet above.  This will carry that look across the space.  The cabinet in the bottom right corner is a blind (twice as wide with only 1 door) and it has wire racks that rotate out.

The kitchen sink we are using is smaller because it is a single basin. This allows us to use a smaller base cabinet in that space and make our drawers wider- YAY we were seriously lacking drawer space.  Above the sink will be an open shelf, but instead of tile like is depicted here the back with be the same facing as the cabinets, but with the wood grain going in the opposite direction.

Ahhh, our problem corner.  We will have a 15″ deep aluminum appliance garage topped by two open “cubbies” with the same vertical grain. The fridge will be framed to give it a build in look and the cabinets over the fridge will go all the way to the ceiling.

I get giddy when I think about it!  We’re still getting all of our choices finalized and starting to pull together pricing.  Not sure when we will start demo but I am anxious to get rolling. It all started because we went shopping for a dishwasher.

What are your space savings small kitchen secrets?



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3 responses to “Kitchen Plans

  1. loveandrenovations

    How exciting! It’s going to look amazing!!

  2. Awesome! Everything looks great. We love our white counters and deep sink. We had plans for an appliance garage but it didn’t work out.

  3. Karen @sugarspicelivin

    Love this!! I have all my items picked out for my dream kitchen. We are starting with appliances too and I know it is just going to snow ball.

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