Pulling the Trigger on the Kitchen Remodel

When we moved into our townhouse the kitchen was an area we figured we would remodel after remodeling the bathrooms.  We even made friends with a designer at a local Kitchen and Bath place.  He understood our vibe and we kicked around ideas about our kitchen for a couple of years.  I think he thought we would never get around to being ready to remodel our kitchen.  There is more to this fun story but first lets take a look at what we are working with.

amy 020-imp

Our small kitchen in its white cabinet, white appliance glory.

amy 021-imp

The island helps us out a bit, but the corner by the fridge is always a huge mess.

I just mentioned that we planned to the remodel after tackling the bathrooms (which we hadn’t).   Why start with the kitchen instead?  In February it became clear that we needed to replace our dishwasher. So we hit up a Presidents day sale and walked away with a new dishwasher, microwave, range, and refrigerator.

amy 026-imp

So pretty! However, the appliances are just a wee bit big for the existing cabinet space- I’m looking at you awesome refrigerator.  We actually have lost use of our junk drawer because the fridge won’t scoot all the way into the opening and sticks out in front of the drawer.

amy 027-imp

Take note of the very difficult corner. What to do, oh what to do with this corner?

Back to our story.  After purchasing the appliances and deciding to tackle a kitchen remodel this year we decided to contact our buddy Steve, the kitchen designer.  Except when I called the place he worked at they informed me that he didn’t work there anymore.  They nicely told me that we could come talk to the woman who was his replacement.  I did not like this idea at all. Not.At.All

In a last-ditch effort to find Steve I found someone who I was 90% sure was him on Facebook and shot off a Facebook message. A couple of weeks passed and no word back on FB.  After a couple of weeks of waiting we finally gave in and went to talk to “Not-Steve”.

“Not-Steve” wasn’t just not Steve, she also wasn’t our kind of people.  She assured us she loved working in small spaces and that she loved modern design but we weren’t buying it.  Ughh. Thankfully just a few days later I got a FB message from the real Steve.  Queue choir singing! He totally remembered Matt and I and would love to work with us freelance. WHOOO HOOOO!  Steve came to visit the space and brought some inspiration materials.


Photo: Bellmont Cabinets -doodles belong to me

White countertops, two-tone cabinets, open shelves, rustic floor, tilt-up cabinets, aluminum appliance garage… YES I want all of it!


Photo: Bellmont Cabinets -doodles belong to me

If you follow me on Pinterst you’ll know that the last few months have been nothing but kitchen renovation inspiration pinning.  Up next I’ll share inspiration combined with Steve’s design.

Nothing like spending money on new appliances to make you spend money on a whole kitchen remodel.


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  1. laurenann05

    Can’t wait to see more inspiration on your kitchen remodel! Love all of your appliances.

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