Murder Mystery:1920s style

When I was in middle school we stayed at a bed and breakfast while visiting family in Michigan. This was my first bed and breakfast experience and I was enamored.  I remember seeing flyers  around the B&B for a murder mystery weekend. When I heard the explanation of this event I was obsessed.  I grew up reading Nancy Drew books, then I got hooked on Agatha Christie books, and later various detective or crime novels became my chosen fiction genre.  Sadly, I didn’t get to take part in a murder mystery event until very recently.  And now I am trying to think of excuses to attend/host another one!

I can thank our lovely friend T and 30th year on the earth for a fabulous night of murder and mystery.  As soon as we saw that her 30th birthday would be a Gatsby styled murder mystery affair Matt and I were committed.  We rented period costumes from Vintage Costumers in Seattle.


My costume was a gold and black beaded number.  It came with gloves, headband, necklace, shawl, and vintage gold shoes (wish I had a picture- they were divine).  I did my makeup using this awesome Clara Bow inspired tutorial.


Matt wore a blue pinstripe suit with period tie and suspenders.  His shoes were a two-tone wingtip that finished off the look.  He parted his hair in the middle in keeping with the time period.

Looking the part was one thing, but talking the part was another.  As requested we constructed characters- Matt and I had recently moved from Chicago to start a Men’s Clothing Store.  When we googled what was going on in Seattle during 1929 one of the results was a report about the high number of Men’s Clothing Stores that were opened and then closed during that time period.  There were overtones in our conversation that we had to leave Chicago under less than desirable circumstances due to my husband’s “failed business dealings”.    Matt would frequently try to guess the wool % of another guest’s suit and suggest they “come down to the shop” for some of the newest trends in men’s ware.

Nothing fancy, but kinda fun.  When we arrived at the party we were blown away.  The house was amazing and perfect for the party. It belongs to a friend of T’s parents and came complete with secret doorways hidden behind bookcases and secret passageways. Sure we had a back story but we were nothing compared to T & D and their friends


T & D were great hosts. D was an eccentric inventor who claims to have invented just about everything.  T seemed overly enamored with her cook, and for good reason. Dinner was catered by Herban Feast (YUM) and the cook played a big role in the mystery for after dinner was finished he keeled over dead in the living room.


The two girls with T here provided a majority of the evenings laughter and entertainment.  They bantered back and forth all night in spot on accents using period vernacular and humor.  It was amazing. Seriously amazing.


There were moments during the night which felt like they were straight of our the movies.

murder 5-imp

We all enjoyed bootleg gin punch.

IMGP6795 (1)-imp

T’s mom and dad are the most fun and I was happy they also got into the spirit of the 1920s. (minus the bluetooth!)


One of the other party goers was trying to figure out his first DSLR- it wasn’t a Pentax so I wasn’t much help.  (Sad cow).


We met so many fabulous people. Believe it or not, T & D were the only people we knew when we arrived.


I couldn’t resist bringing my camera and I am glad that I did.  It was so much fun to photograph the party- even though the low light made it difficult.


Well done T & D, well done.  I couldn’t have asked for a more unique and entertaining first murder mystery expereince.  Now figuring out what the next one shall be.  I’m really tempted to find a B&B that is doing a weekend and enlist a couple of friends to go.  I do turn 35 this summer… hummm…

Have you ever done a murder mystery event?  Tips or pointers?


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  1. loveandrenovations

    Ahhh I’m so jealous! I’ve ALWAYS wanted to do this, and Corey and I even went so far as to buy a little murder mystery game/set thing, but we couldn’t ever find anyone to do it with us, so it’s still sitting unopened in one of our extra closets. Someday!

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