Rainy Saturday

This March was the 3rd wettest in Seattle history- Yes, yes, it rains in Seattle between the months of November and May- but usually it is a light mist.  We’ve had a lot more heavy (not characteristic of Seattle) rain this year than normal.  Either way if you spend time in the Pacific Northwest during winter you’ll notice two things. 1) We don’t carry umbrellas- an all-weather coat with a hood usually is sufficient. 2) We don’t let the rain keep us inside.  If we want to do something and its raining- so what.  In that spirit Matt and I spent a lovely (rainy) saturday in Seattle a couple weeks ago.

It all started with a free KEXP concert. In case you’re not familiar with listener powered KEXP it is a public Seattle radio station (90.3) specializing in alternative rock- however, programing runs a wide gamut including shows devoted to rockabilly and  reggae.   This is because DJs still control the music programing at KEXP and listeners provide the funding.  We donate every year to support this station and last year we donated at a level that got us invites to free member only shows- we just have to RSVP. Frequently the shows are on weekdays when we are at work but this weekend there was a show we could make.

We parked in Westlake and stopped in at Tiffany’s to drop off my Pretzel necklace for repair.  The clasp broke earlier that week.  Not inspired by food choices in the area we decided to take the South Lake Union Streetcar (can you believe it was originally going to be name the South Lake Union Trolley?) to South Lake Union for lunch at Tom Douglas’s beer hall, The Brake Horse Tavern.

YUM Pretzel @ brave horse tavern-imp

Speaking of Pretzels I could eat 5 of these- easy.  The pretzels are to die for!

waiting at the streetcar stop-imp

Then it was back to the S.L..U.T. S I mean Streetcar to head back.  It doesn’t get too cold in Seattle during the winter but there certainly was a  chill with the damp air.


Scottish band, the Twilight Sad rocked out at the Triple Door, one of our favorite small venues in Seattle.


And since we had already paid for a full day of parking we decided to take  a little public transportation adventure.  The Sliding Door Company had opened a Seattle showroom in the industrial SODO neighborhood south of downtown last year.  Matt and I hate all of our closet doors and I had scoped out the Sliding Door company as a possible solution.

amy 001-imp

So, with a little help from Google Maps (transit feature) we were off on a bus headed to SODO.

SODO (1)-imp

I love the industrial SODO neighborhood almost as much as I love nearby Georgetown where we had our wedding reception.


Alas when we arrive at the Sliding Door company at 3:30 we realized that they close at 3pm on Saturdays. Doah.  Oh well, it was a fun adventure and the pink elephant car wash sign next door made me smile.


I was pretty pleased at the lovely light we got on this cloudy day and if was a lot of fun riding public transportation and testing our my new point and shoot.

Just this saturday we had ourselves another rainy Seattle day minus the public transportation. We picked up my necklace, checked out some counter and tile showrooms (kitchen remodel in the works!) and finally made it to the Sliding Door Company.  Yeah, we’re gonna have to add redoing the doors on all our closets to the project list.

What’s your favorite rainy day activity?


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