Blowing off the dust…

… of this here little blog.  March 2012 shall henceforth be know as the “silent month” on Parker Haus Roles.  I’m not gonna apologize for my absence- life got bat shit crazy around Valentine’s day.  Lots to catch y’all up on but first things first. (random photos scattered throughout)


In early February I got some hairs cut!  I big puffy heart my new pixie do. It took Matt a week or more to get used to it but he finally did.  He said “You don’t look like you” which I can understand. Since he’s known me the shortest my hair has been is chin length but once upon a time when I was a senior in college and into grad school I had a short pixie cut like this.

So, what happened around valentine’s day that threw my blog into hibernation?  In a word:Work.  I mentioned previously that I didn’t expect my working from home situation to be a permanent deal.  Nobody was prepared for how temporary that situation became.  Virtual work and telecommuting was yanked from everyone in my division (announced on Valentine’s day).  I was a little surprised but not upset.  The change however did require a significant change to our schedules.  You see, I took a job with a different workgroup in my division last year.  My new boss and the rest of my team works out of south Seattle.  We’re a one car house and the husband works 15 minutes from our house north of Seattle. This wasn’t a problem when I telecommuted because I always had a carpool buddy for the 1-2 days that I would go into the office.  Now that I am going into the office every day I’ve added an hour and a half (on a good day) to 3 hrs to my commute time each day.

Good days Matt drops me off at a park and ride (at 6:20am)  20 minutes from our house  where I meet up with a co-worker and we carpool in  (about 30-40 minute drive) and reverse in the afternoon.


Bad days I take the bus from the park and ride by our house (at 6AM) and it takes 1 hr 15 minutes in the morning and on the way home it takes 2 (TWO!) hours.  So, where I would usually have 1-3 hrs to edit photos and blog at the end of the workday now I am commuting to/from work.  We’re adjusting to the new rhythm waking at 5AM every day means early to bed.


Work has also required me to travel- throw in a few long weekend trips with Matt and you have a recipe for exhaustion.  Random photo of my swollen feet after a business trip to California. I usually wear compression stockings and use a collapsible foot rest when traveling but I left those at home and was reminded of why I go through the hassle.


The past 2 months haven’t been all bad- we’ve had some really unique and fun times with friends and we even replaced all of our kitchen appliances on President’s Day.  So what if it took a week to get the microwave and dishwasher installed… we kicked it old school and prepped all our meals on the stove.


Our kitchen is shambles… a preview of the months ahead of us as we tackle a kitchen renovation… exciting!


I also purchased a new point and shoot camera. After researching the best Point and Shoot for my in-laws christmas gift ( Cannon S-95) I fell in love with the Cannon S-100.  We were finding that there were times and places that we didn’t want to bring out the “big guns” (aka the DSLR) the S-100 fits the bill (and then some).  The above shot of my desk buddies is straight out of the camera- not bad.

So yeah, I’m figuring out my new schedule and how I can fit blogging into it.  We’re talking about upgrading from the Ipad 1 to an Ipad 3 so that I can use the commute on the bus to edit photos and blog (using my eye-fi card, impression, and the wordpress app). We will see.  We still have a busy couple weeks ahead of us- Ski trip with my family and a business trip to Disney (rough life I know). We’re here, we’re alive, and we’re still blogging.


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