Homemade Valentine 2012

I know, I know, Valentines was over a week ago.  The shamrocks and leprechauns have replaced the heart-shaped candy boxes in the stores but Matt and I just got around to our annual Valentine’s Card crafting on Sunday. Matt’s birthday is just a couple of days after Valentine’s day so last week was quite busy.  On Valentine’s day itself we split a heart-shaped pizza (awe romantic!) at the bar where our romanced first blossomed and we celebrated a little more on Saturday with pizza at Serious Pie followed by the Seattle Rock Orchestra’s tribute to MUSE.  ‘Twas awesome.

We set aside Sunday to do a little crafting and continued our annual tradition of making cards for each other.  This year, we both made Zelda themed cards- we’re kinda enamored with that game now.

Amy to Matt

I wanted to go big this year.  I actually started working on my Valentine earlier in the week.  My vision was to create a paper-craft Hook Beetle (from the Skyward Sward) and sew a stuffed felt heart for the Hook Beetle to hold on to.  Unfortunately the paper-craft got the best of me and this is as far as I got in the assemblage of the beetle.  I just couldn’t get the legs to go together right.


I scaled back greatly, dusted off the trusty Silhouette Machine and made this fancy cut out card.


I slipped a square of parchment paper under the lace cutout so Matt couldn’t peak at the design.  The lace corners are held together in the center by a small heart sticker.  On the right is a cute heart cutout box I whipped up to hold the second part of his card.


Inside the card was a Hook Beetle carrying a heart container. The text (Ancient Hylian BTW) reads “You caught my heart”.  Inside the box I placed a Lego heart photo frame that I made for him.  Instead of a photo of me I used an image of a heart container with “You fill my hearts up” written below.  Matt is going to swap that out for a photo of me for his work desk.


Matt to Amy

Matt made me a Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword board game styled card.   I started with Link at the bottom of the page, moving counter-clockwise.


Each stop (Gorron, Treasure Chest, Robot, Treasure Chest, Treasure Chest) had a corresponding card with a message.  He had me flip over the treasure chests to see my prize. For example the first treasure chest said “You blow me away” and on the flip side was the bellows. . The robot said “Pretty impressive… for a human. Happy Valentine’s Day”   The second treasure chest said “A Gold rupee! You feel like a celebrity” and the final treasure chest said “You re-fill my heart”.


And because we are freakishly on the same wave length he also got me a little Lego gift.  This small Lego box looks like a wrapped package with a heart on top. Adorable. It is the perfect size to hold my wedding rings.

There you have it, our Zelda Valentine’s day crafting continues with a Lego twist this year.

Do you and your SO have any geeky traditions?



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2 responses to “Homemade Valentine 2012

  1. Both of you are so creative! Love it all!!

  2. You are both so creative! Love the little Lego gifts.

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